Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This Week's Training

I'm going to post my weekly training schedule so it keeps me more accountable.  I plan on doing this regularly on Sunday nights, more than likely.  Unlike most runners, due to my hectic schedule for the next few weeks, my Long Run will be on Mondays instead of the weekend.  At the beginning of January, I will be able to flip that over to Sunday again.

At any rate here's my schedule for the week of 11/26/2012-12/02/2012:
Monday: 7 miles LONG RUN
Tuesday: 3 miles easy
Wednesday: Gym Day!  On my gym days, I typically ride the bike and lift weights.
Thursday: 3 miles tempo
Friday: Gym Day!
Saturday:  3 miles easy
Sunday: REST

My 7 mile run on Monday went very well and my easy 3 yesterday in snow showers went wonderfully.  I can't get to the gym until tonight due to work schedules, but I will get there.

Now, you might ask what I'm training for!  Well, right now I'm in a limbo point.  It's too early to really start hardcore training for the half marathon(s) that I have planned in the spring.  Yes, plural.  But it's never too early (I think) to build up more base mileage and just work on overall endurance and stamina.  So, that's pretty much what I'm doing right now.  I have 4 races I'm planning on in the future.  There's a 5 miler in January that a bunch of crazies run every year around here called the "Frigid Five".  Around Valentines Day, I have a 10K planned, and then in March and in May I have my very first two half marathons!  I had originally only signed up for the one in May, but after thinking about it and going back and forth on it, I really want to do the one in March too.  I may very well use the one at the end of March as the "tester" half because the one in May has been my goal since I re-started running a year ago.  I will go into more detail about these races as time moves forward.

In addition to running and hitting the gym, I also participate in #plankaday on Twitter.  I've only been at it a short time, but it's great and I encourage everyone and anyone to just give it a try.  Just hit your stopwatch - DO NOT LOOK AT IT UNTIL YOU ARE DONE - and plank until you can't plank any longer.  Post your time on Twitter and use hashtag #plankaday.  Be careful, though, it's easy to become addicted to planking.  You also have to look out for those @PlankPolice if you start slacking off!

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