Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Monday!

Yes, Happy Monday.  I usually always say Happy Monday because it always seems like people give Monday a bad rap.  "Ugh... it's Monday" "I've got a case of the Mondays", etc.  Poor Monday.  No respect.  Now, I don't know about you, but when I'm surrounded by people/media/etc moaning and ranting and being down, it's a lot harder to be positive and happy and have a great day.  So, I counter it as best as I can.  HAPPY MONDAY.  Monday is a new start, a clean slate.  You can make it the best week ever and balk at how fast it flies by because you're having so much fun or at least because you're so busy being freaking AWESOME at whatever you do.  Or, you can choose the "woe is me, case of the Mondays" route and just trudge your way through continually asking "Is it Friday yet?".  I'm choosing to be positive.  Make every day count.  Stop dissing on poor old Monday.

Happy Monday!

This morning I had my 6 mile run scheduled.  I misjudged how far I was up the trail after my husband dropped me off at the trailhead on his way out, so I ended up going a total of 6.21 miles.  Oh well, not like it was hard or that it's going to kill me.  I may go a little over the "recommended" 10% rule this week, but I tend to think the "rules" are more guidelines and that you should listen to your own body.  If the end of the week comes and I need to tone it down, I promise I will.  But right now I think I'm a-ok.

My run went great!  I thought I was feeling the beginnings of some GI issues around mile 5, but thankfully they faded away quickly.  I doubt it was from my pre-run fuel, which was my standard PB on toast, because I ate like crap last night and knew afterwards that was a bad idea.  Oh well.  Live, run, and learn, right?  Today I tried to not gawk at my watch every couple of seconds and just run by what I perceived to be a nice comfortable pace.  I think I did pretty well.  I caught myself pushing it a couple of times, but I reeled it back in.  After stopping my watch I didn't achieve perfect negative splits, but really I wasn't too far off.

Mile 1:  10:05
Mile 2:  9:34
Mile 3:  9:40
Mile 4:  9:25
Mile 5:  9:15
Mile 6:  9:19

Like I said, I don't think I did too bad!  Overall:  6.21 miles in 58:58.  Average Pace: 9:29.

I did my 10 minute stretching routine when I got home and then did my #plankaday!  Today's plank came in at 1:49.1.  Yay!

Planking is fun! Just DO IT!
I'll catch up to you all with more training updates through the week.  HAPPY MONDAY!

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