Saturday, December 8, 2012

Late in the Week Update

I'm sitting here, finally getting some downtime and listening to The Marathon Show.  I love Joe.  I hope I have the pleasure of meeting him at a race one of these days. 

So... hmmm... I'm kinda nursing a bit of a niggle in my left leg.  I'm suspecting it's an IT band flareup, but I'm not a doctor.  I've been icing, stretching, and foam rolling like crazy.  I'll talk about this more later, but first let me bring you up to speed on my training this week.

Tuesday was a 3 mile "easy" run.  It went pretty well, really... I took it easy until the last mile as usual when I try to always give a little "oomph" to the finish.  During the run, I noticed that my left leg was pretty tight feeling.  I couldn't place an origin on it - my calf was a little tight, but the worst of it was in my quad.  It wasn't bad enough to make me stop, but I did note it.

Mile 1:  9:20
Mile 2:  9:29
Mile 3:  9:03

Overall: 3.11 miles in 28:51.  Average pace: 9:16.  After stretching and planking I didn't notice much discomfort in my leg, so I hoped that it was just a random thing.

Wednesday was another 3 mile "easy" run.  With good intentions, my husband and I drove up to North Park since it is pretty close to our gym so that we could go lift weights after the run.  Well, some drama ensued during the morning and I was pretty pissed off by the time I got to run.  So, I ended up running really agressively and just hard.  North Park is also a different terrain than I do my usual runs on.  It's all pavement/road whereas I run on part concrete and part trail.  By the end of this run, I just hurt.  My leg was in pain and I was just emotionally spent.  I skipped the gym and went home to stretch.

Mile 1:  9:28
Mile 2:  9:26
Mile 3:  8:49

Overall: 3.02 miles in 27:59.  Average pace: 9:15.  Decent time, but ouchie.  My leg hurt through the day, but it felt more like soreness and icing and ibuprofen seemed to help.  I truly felt ok to run by the next morning.

When I woke up Thursday morning, my leg felt a little "off", but felt runnable (is that a word? lol).  I was happy to be returning to my normal trail.  The first steps of my run were a bit uncomfortable, but it seemed as I loosened up, the pain wasn't bad, so I continued my run (that was probably dumb).  This was a tempo run, so my plan as before was to do 1 mile at an easy pace, 1 mile tempo, and 1 mile easy.  Again, this was probably dumb... I should have just done another easy day due to having leg trouble.  I never claimed to be a genius.  My run honestly went great - I even beat my fastest mile time during mile 2 - but when I was home after walking about a half mile back to my house... omg the pain.  I stretched well, iced, took some ibuprofen, and wrapped my leg up.  My pain had isolated itself to the outside of my left leg and the upper outside corner of my knee.  Going downstairs SUCKED. 

Mile 1:  9:31
Mile 2:  7:54  <-- new PR!  My fastest previously was 7:57
Mile 3:  8:40

Overall: 3.05 miles in 26:38.  Average pace: 8:43.  Great, but honestly, not worth the pain.

So.... I've been trying to do some rehab.  I have an IT Band strengthening routine from that I used the last time I had a flareup.  It helped immensely and I've returned to doing it.  I've also been foam rolling and stretching several times a day.  I skipped the gym on Friday and I rested today.  At night after rolling, I ice and wrap my leg and take Naproxen.  The pain in my knee is gone for the most part and stairs aren't killing me and I only get minor twinges here and there on the outside of my leg.  But, I'm playing it safe.  I'm still a good way from my half marathons and it doesn't make sense to do a lot of damage right now when I have the luxury of rest time.

I'm going to try to get out tomorrow and see what happens on a slow (I promise) jog.  If I'm in agony, I'll try run/walk, and if that sucks, I'll just walk or even rest period.

What I did wrong this week:  Pacing.  Most (all?) of my runs were WAY TOO FAST, especially when this was the first time I'd ever ran 4 times in a row.  According to McMillan Running, my easy run pace should be between 9:34-10:28.  I think it's evident that I've been going MUCH faster than that.  My 10K tempo pace is 8:43.  That run I did ok on, unfortunately I'd already done myself in for the week in the 3 runs prior.  My long run pace is supposed to be between 9:36-10:52.  I need to stop pushing myself and get out of my head all the speedy people on DailyMile and Twitter and focus on my own running.  Sure, I wish I could run double digit miles at a 7 min/mile pace, but that's just not in the cards (at least right now).  This isn't worth the pain to just see how fast I can go.

If I'm able to start my week comfortably on Monday, I'm going to change a couple things.  First - my schedule.  Running 4 days straight is stressful - granted, it would probably be less so if I'd pace correctly, but for right now, I have a bad taste in my mouth... So, I'm going to separate my runs more.  Secondly, I'm really going to focus on slowing down.  I have to.  I have my heart set on 6 races at least in 2013 and ending 2012 injured just isn't going to bode well.  I'll post my revamped schedule tomorrow WITH promised paces!

Until then - here's to crying while foam rolling but feeling that sweet sweet relief afterward!

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