Saturday, December 15, 2012


This training week was, simply put, a HUGE success!  This is one of those seemingly rare times where I was able to do everything AS scheduled, ON schedule, and relatively easily.  Times like these make the times that are less desirable worth working through.

So, on Wednesday I went to the gym.  I rode the recumbent bike for a little over 7 miles in 30 minutes.  Then I did my full body weight circuit.  Well, aside from the Seated Row, which was being held hostage by a group of guys and I just wasn't up for waiting around for it.  I felt ok, but it was a pretty "meh" gym day, overall.

Thursday was my 3 mile Tempo run.  It went GREAT!  My legs felt super loose and I was just floating along through those miles.  I literally felt like I was flying and it was totally effortless.  If every run would be like that, I'd be in heaven!


Mile 1 - 9:40
Mile 2 - 8:06
Mile 3 - 8:46

Overall: 3.11 miles in 27:32.  Average Pace:  8:51.  I can't tell you how GREAT I felt after this!!

Friday I was back at the gym for a 3 mile easy run on the treadmill followed by some upper body weights.  The run went ok - nothing to sing about, really.  And I was able to get ALL my upper body circuit in.

Shoulder Press - 2 sets of 12 @ 15 lbs
Triceps Press - 1 set of 15 @ 40 lbs, 1 set of 15 @ 45 lbs
Back Extension - 2 sets of 15 @ 80 lbs
Abdominal Crunch - 2 sets of 20 @ 50 lbs
Chest Press - 1 set of 12 @ 25 lbs, 1 set of 12 @ 30 lbs
Seated Row - 2 sets of 15 @ 30 lbs
Pull down - 2 sets of 12 @ 35 lbs


3 mile run Splits:

Mile 1 - 9:32
Mile 2 - 9:06
Mile 3 - 9:04

Overall: 3.14 miles in 29:19.  Average Pace: 9:18.  A little on the fast side, but it's hard to pace on the treadmill (at least for me).

Today (Saturday), I had a 3 mile easy run scheduled to finish up the week.  I chose to do the stadium loop again, because a local running club had a race scheduled on the trail.  No biggie.  The run went great.  My knee tweaked a bit when I first stepped off, but then it went away, so who knows... I feel fine now and plan on stretching and rolling through tomorrow.  Anyway, this was another one of those great runs where I felt like I could have ran for a long time, but I knew better and cut it off where I was supposed to and came home.


Mile 1 - 9:59
Mile 2 - 9:46
Mile 3 - 9:14

Overall: 3.05 miles in 29:33.  Average pace: 9:39.

This was just such a great week.  I did much better with pacing and I kept up with a rigorous stretching and rolling routine.  I backed off when I felt like I needed to, and pushed forward when I was certain that I could.  I pray for more weeks like this in the future.

Overall this week I ran 19.45 miles in 3:06:30.  I ran 5 days!  A new PR!!  Average pace: 9:35.  Much better than last week.  I'm not feeling like I'm going to die.  I feel like I've earned tomorrow's rest for SURE, but I don't feel like I have to spend the day whining and wrapped and iced up.  YAY!!  My goal for next week is to just keep this up!

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