Sunday, December 9, 2012

Training Schedule Week of 12/10/2012-12/16/2012

Training plan for the coming week:

Monday:  7 miles Long Run 
Tuesday:  3 miles EASY recovery run
Wednesday:  GYM  - bike and full weight circuit
Thursday:  3 miles TEMPO (1 mile easy, 1 mile @ 10K pace, 1 mile easy)
Friday:  3 miles easy plus upper body weights at GYM
Saturday:  3 miles easy
Sunday:  REST

My original plan was to run Monday-Thursday, take Friday as the full gym day, run Saturday, then rest Sunday.  But after this past week, I don't want to run 4 days in a row again, so I moved Wednesday's easy 3 miler to Friday.  I just think that looks like a more workable plan for me at this point.

Again, pacing is my main focus this week.  So, in the spirit of reminding myself for the 10 millionth time, here are my recommended paces:
Long Run:  9:36-10:52
Easy:  9:34-10:28
Tempo:  Depends on if I'm aiming for 5K or 10K pace, but I'm going to lean toward 10k: 8:43

I am also committed to sticking with planking, making sure I stretch as much as possible, and foam roll at least once per day.  I will be doing the IT band strengthening routine several times this week as well.  It seems to benefit me greatly.

Here's to hoping for a great week, injury free, SLOW, and successful in every way!  I'm off to get a slice of German Chocolate cake.  Hey, I can claim carb loading, can't I? *adjusts halo*

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