Sunday, December 2, 2012

Training Schedule Week of 12/3/2013-12/9/2013

As promised, here is my training plan for this week:

Monday:  6 miles Long Run
Tuesday:  3 miles easy
Wednesday:  3 miles easy (will try to hit the gym here as well, so this will probably be a treadmill run)
Thursday:  3 miles tempo
Friday:  Gym Day!
Saturday:  3 miles easy
Sunday:  REST

Notice how my long run went down from 7 miles last week to 6 this week.  That's because I'm adding another 3 mile run to the week, bringing me to that holy grail of running 5 days per week.  Next week the long runs start getting long again (I don't really consider 6 miles "long" anymore.. lol).

And of course, I'm going to keep planking so the @PlankPolice don't get me!

Have a great start to your week everyone!

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