Saturday, December 29, 2012

Weatherman Fail.

You know how yesterday I said I was going to recon North Park to see if I could run today?  Well, I did that and it was really clear and I was super excited to run today.  The weather report was calling for maybe a half inch to an inch of snow to fall starting somewhere around dawn.  No biggie - I enjoy running while its snowing as long as I'm not running on sheets of ice and dangerous Pittsburgh slushy messy crap.  I set my alarm, laid out my gear and went to bed early.

My alarm went off and I rolled out of bed and instictively grabbed my iPhone as always.  I kinda noticed a glare coming from the window, but it really didn't register until I looked at the news on my phone: Many Areas Already Reporting 3-5 inches of Fresh Snow. 

Ahem.  WTF!?!  What happened to "just a dusting" or so starting in the morning??  I looked out the window.  Everything was covered.  I opened the back door.  The snow was up to the stairs....  Dang.  I ate some breakfast and had some coffee.  Got my #plankaday done... I really REALLY wanted to get out today - heck if I couldn't run outside I'd settle for the dreadmill again!!!  I threw on my shoes and went out the front door.  Nothing plowed.  Marginal shovelling of the walks.  The snow was still coming down in blankets.  Where I live this just isn't "runnable"...  and I obviously wasn't even getting to the gym.  My littlest boy ran out and tugged on my pant leg.  My husband was right behind him saying something to the tune of "you'd better not be thinking of doing something incredibly stupid".  So, I closed the door and went in the house with 2 out of  my 3 boys.

At this point, simply put, I was pissed.  I had a holiday screw up the first part of my week and now the weather is screwing up the rest.  I really wanted to do something today.  I wanted to RUN, but that was proving to be impossible.  Then I thought, why don't I WALK?  And then, I called on an old friend.  Leslie Sansone.  In my "About Me" section, I know I mentioned her.  I owe a lot of my present day fitness to her and her videos.  Almost a decade ago her Walk Away the Pounds series got me off my rear end and on the road to a better life.  It's still amazing and tear jerking for me to think about, but when I first started I couldn't even get through the ONE MILE walk.  I could not walk ONE freaking mile!!  And here I am, about to start training for a half marathon and eventually a full.  Just wow.  Anyway, Leslie has done a lot more videos and branched out quite a bit from those originals.  A while back, I saw her "Walk Slim 5 Really Big Miles" DVD on sale at Target (plus I had a coupon - SCORE!), so I picked it up.  I honestly placed it on a shelf and never got around to doing it.  Until today.  It seemed like just what I needed.  A 5 mile walk was perfect for this day!

Leslie always strikes me as one of those people who finds happiness in everything.  One day I hope to attain that.  God's still working on me!
This video was great.  5 miles in 75 minutes plus a warmup and cooldown stretch.  One thing I've always loved about her videos is that you really can make them as hard or as easy as you need them to be.  On a lot of her walk up and walk back parts I was jogging.  I will say that this video was particularly awesome because there were parts where you DID jog anyway.  This was also some of the best music I've heard from her workouts.  Another thing?  I love that she uses REAL people as workout "models".  Too many times you see perfectly toned and muscular, 0% fat, glamour girls in workout videos and advertisements.  Yeah, that might entice some folks (ahem, men), but that's always been a turn off for me.  I know I will never look like that.  After losing over 100 lbs and having 6 abdominal surgeries, my belly will never be flat, rock hard or defined.  And that's ok.  My body is healthy now and my mind is healthy for taking the journey.  'nuff said.
So while nothing can compare or take the place of getting a 3-4 mile run in outdoors, I was happy with the time I spent sweating in the living room today.  My kids also joined in for different parts and that's always time well spent.  Thank you Leslie!
Tomorrow..... I have no clue.  I'm not even going to bother making any plans.  I'm looking at another "maybe an inch overnight" forecast.  In a perfect world, the roads will be plowed and at least driveable tomorrow.  I would like to go to Mass, after all.  So, if I can get out - an easy 3 miler is what the doctor ordered.  But, if I'm homebound yet again, I'll make the best of it.  I could always use an extra rest day or a stretch/yoga day before my first week of OFFICIAL half marathon training!  YAY!!
Stay warm, my friends!

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