Monday, January 14, 2013

A Bit Behind

I'm a little bit behind in posting due to the absolutely FUN day I had yesterday and then the crash that ensued that night leaving me comatose in bed rather than sitting in front of this screen, so I'm going to try to catch up.

I'll have an official Frigid Five Miler race recap in another post.  This is just my week in review from last week - Week 2 of my HM training program!

Overall last week I ran (and this is a little off due to the last run being a race that calculated a bit differently from my own GPS): 14.63 miles in 2:13:51.  Average pace: 9:09.

What I did right last week:  I stuck to my plan while giving my body the rest it needed due to being sick and nursing a bothersome knee.  Instead of pushing myself to hit the gym on Monday, I popped my meds and rested.  On Friday and Saturday when I kept feeling guilty and thinking "maybe I should hit the gym or do a video at least", I didn't.  I rested, and honestly I really believe I benefitted more from 2 consecutive rest days than an extra day of training.

What I did wrong last week:  I'm really creeping up on that "going too hard, too fast" point again during every run of the week.  Even after plugging my latest race time into McMillan, I'm still pushing the limits of my "easy" pace.  While taking 2 days off to nurse my knee was a blessing this week, I don't always have that luxury and I need to be able to get myself through the week comfortably.  Why I always feel the need to push it to see what I can do is beyond me.  So, this week I will go back to working on being slow on the easy and long runs again.  Let the tempo and speed and pace days have their glory.  I was looking back on old running logs and when I felt my best after even my longest runs (8 miles), I was focusing on going super slow at the beginning and gradually increasing the pace as I went along.  Another area I'm messing up is going "easy" during the first mile and then somehow giving myself permission once I've done that to take around a minute off my pace for the very next mile.  Small increments, Nichole, small...  Needless to say, I'm still quite a newb and I have a lot to work on.  But, I've got the time and the determination!

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