Thursday, January 24, 2013

As the Storm Looms

So, our local weatherpeople have been going back and forth about some massive storm we may or may not get tomorrow.  It's gone from cataclysm to "maybe a dusting" to the current forecast of between 2-6 inches.  What do I think will happen?  Hell if I know... I'm not a forecaster or a psychic.  If I had to make an "educated" guess - and by educated I mean I've lived here in Western PA for over 10 years - I'd say we'll get an inch or three.  We'll have some snow covered side roads, but the main interstates and the parkway will be cleared. Tomorrow evening might suck, but by Saturday afternoon things (hopefully) will be almost back to normal.

What am I really trying to say here?  Come Hell or high water I will get at least one run done outside this weekend.  Even if I have to slog around at some ridiculously slow pace... I am sick Sick SICK of the treadmill.  I thank its creator and I appreciate having it as an option when I need it (you know, when the windchill is -20 and it's just stupid to be out).  However, one cannot argue that it is one of the most boring experiences ever.  And the longer you go or the easier your run is supposed to be, the more boring it is.  Speedwork isn't so bad because you're playing around with the tempo going up and down.  But even trying to imagine you're going up and down hills on a treadmill just doesn't cut it.  Not when I'm standing there staring at the same parking lot with Kmart across the way.  I get excited when someone runs the stop sign and there's almost a fender bender.  Sad, sad state of affairs.  I want my trail back.  I want North Park and my love/hate with that place.  Just no more gym, please? 

Ok, whiny rant over.

Today's run, despite it being boring, went great.  Again, I was a good girl and didn't go all out.  I just logged three very easy (and did I say boring?) miles.

Mile 1 - 9:53
Mile 2 - 9:32
Mile 3 - 9:19

Overall: 3.22 miles in 30:59.  Average pace: 9:37.  Negative splits and felt great.  Yeah.

I also had a great strength workout.  Much more exciting than my run!

Shoulder Press 2 sets of 12 @ 15 lbs
Triceps Press 2 sets of 15 @ 45 lbs
Back extension 1 set of 15 @ 85 lbs, 1 set of 15 @ 90 lbs  RAWR!
Abdominal Crunch 2 sets of 20 @ 55 lbs - the machine is back!  Yippee!!
Chest Press 2 sets of 12 @ 30 lbs
Seated Row 2 sets of 15 @ 30 lbs - felt really weak on this today, don't know why.
Pull down 2 sets of 12 @ 40 lbs

I also did 1 set of 15 @ 100 lbs on the hip abductor machine.  The gym was freaking empty today and it's rare that you don't have to wait for that machine, so I just hopped on it.  I don't typically do leg work after a run, but honestly I don't feel I had any ill effects from it.  Maybe I should do some?  Gradually work it in?  Forget it?  Help?

My #plankaday today is a new PR! 3:36.5!  For some reason, I'm having an easier and easier time planking.  Am I seriously that much stronger?  I think I want to work my way up to 5 minutes on the standard forearm plank and then move on to doing one of those per day and then start on one of another type (pushup, side, etc).  I figure, evenutally I'll have a whole plank workout of its own to do.  How cool is that?

Tomorrow is a rest day, which means I'm helping myself to an extra glass of wine tonight (chardonnay, leftover from cooking my dinner this evening).  Speaking of nutrition, I did a pretty good job today.

Breakfast: Half of a Clif Builder Bar (I always eat these when I'm doing weights.  It's probably all in my head, but I think it helps.. lol) - Chocolate Mint flavor.
Post Workout snack:  Banana
Lunch:  Low salt ham and swiss with honey mustard on Ezekiel bread (my fave bread EVER), and around 1 cup of fresh cored pineapple.
Afternoon snack:  Handful of Trader Joe's Trek Mix Granola cereal
Dinner was this lovely plate:
Yum Yum Yum!
It was chicken breast simmered in broth and chardonnay, seasoned with salt, pepper, and thyme along with boiled red potatoes and onions that were simmering with said chicken.  Also, I sauteed up some spinach with a little butter and garlic and roasted some butternut squash.  Delicious!
I'll probably have a snack before bed because I'm one of those oddballs that cannot sleep on an empty stomach and no dinner ever (unless eaten before bed) can hold me over from dinner to bedtime.  Trust me, I've tried.  I always end up tossing and turning and not sleeping because I'm miserable.  It's just the way I work.  I try to keep the snack as healthy as possible, but it doesn't always happen that way.  In fact, I can tell you that tonight I'll probably have a piece of cake because my 7 year old little girl helped my husband bake earlier.  Fun Fact:  my husband is a diabetic, so 9 times out of 10 our desserts are low sugar.  The cake they baked earlier is sugar free.  :)  I know some people out there have a problem with artificial sweeteners, and that's cool.  I don't ingest it ALL the time, often times I can go a whole day without any at all.  But they do exist more in our home than others because of my husband's diabetes.  Thank goodness there are options now for these folks!
Cheers everyone!

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