Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feelin' Like Spring!

It is hovering around 60 degrees here in the Pittsburgh area.  It was 55ish when I went on my run today.  Quite a difference a few days makes, eh?  Instead of my bulky cold weather gear, I headed out in shorts, a Dri-fit t-shirt, and a super thin reflective pullover.  I used my YurBuds Ironman armband for my iPhone, which I used to run Endomondo and my running playlist.  I used my Nike+ watch as well, but I like hearing the peptalks I might get from my friends when I use Endomondo.

A few hours before I headed out for this gorgeous run, I had a standard bowl of CoCo Wheats.  Again, don't hate.

I started off the run just like over the weekend - nice and slow, admiring the birds that were out (lots of cardinals) and laughing that all that snow was about 99% gone.  I wish I could have gotten a pic, but since my phone was in my armband, I can't easily pull it out for pics while I run. 

Then... as I've done a million times before... After my legs had warmed up, I went into super speed mode and took my next mile WAY faster than I should have.  Well crap.  It wasn't as bad as it could've been (still within my "easy" pace range), but you better believe I pulled it back in for the next mile.

I think my legs were just loving the freedom of having 100 less pounds of gear weighing them down because they just wanted to fly.  My pace was all over the place - up then down when I'd catch myself pushing too hard.  Of course on my last mile, I just let it all out as usual.

The run wasn't bad.  I was within average pace, my legs felt great, and I had a lot of fun.  I just wasn't able to have that nice gradual progression that I had over the weekend.  Oh well!

I had half a banana and around 1/3 of a bottle of blue G2 in the van on the way home.  I finished my stretching (I always do standing stretches at the park after my run, but I do all the sitting and laying down stretches at home.  You know, mud is fun sometimes, but there is a limit.) and foam rolled a bit.  No tightness, no soreness, no anything out of the ordinary to note.  Hooray!

Mile 1 - 10:04
Mile 2 - 9:35
Mile 3 - 9:51
Mile 4 - 9:14

Overall: 4.04 miles in 39:05.  Average pace: 9:40.  Like I said,  all over the place but not entirely garbage.

Tomorrow is a speedwork day and it looks to be even warmer than today.  The only thing is, they're calling for strong thunderstorms during the mid-morning.  The kids are back to school tomorrow, so I'm hoping to be able to get out and back home safely before the storm hits!

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