Sunday, January 27, 2013

I Broke Free!!

Free from the treadmill, that is.

Yesterday - even post 5 inches of snowfall - I went to North Park to run.  Like I predicted, the main roads were (mostly) clear and North Park is known for being cleared up in a hurry.  Aside from the usual spot that's pretty slushy/crappy, it was awesome.  The views were just beautiful.  Between the view and the fact that I had Mercy Me playing on my Shuffle, I was just feeling so, so blessed.  The weather and conditions were just perfect to take things really easy and just enjoy the world surrounding me.  That's exactly what I did.  This was a scheduled easy 3 miler, and was it ever.

One of my gorgeous viewpoints during this run.  Does it get any better?

Mile 1 - 9:55
Mile 2 - 10:13 <-- where the worst of the slushy sloppy stuff was so I was trudging more than running.
Mile 3 - 9:12 <-- after having to slog the previous mile, I felt like seeing if I could do a stride at goal HM pace, even though this was supposed to be just an easy run.  Honestly, up until this mile, I hardly felt like I was running at all... soo easy.  I ran about 800m at goal pace (9:00-9:10) and then backed off a slight bit.

Overall:  3.04 miles in 29:41.  Average pace: 9:45.  This definitely ranks as one of my favorite runs ever.

I noticed a couple people via blogs and DailyMile also keeping track of what gear they wore and what food they ate pre/post run.  You can bill me as a big copycat, but I think that's a spectacular idea and I'm going to give it a go.

About 2 hours before this run I ate 1/2 serving of Coco Wheats (go ahead and laugh.  I love hot cereal and I love chocolate.  Sometimes this stuff is like sex in a bowl, got it?) with 1/4 cup of Blue Diamond Coconut Almond Unsweetened milk.  I also had a big cup of coffee with creamer.

Post run, I drank my standard bottle of water with Emergen-C MSM in it and had a half of a banana on the drive home.  After my hot shower, I ate an egg white omelette with salsa and cheese with a sliced kiwi.

My gear on this run included tights with shorts over them to keep my butt warm, blue performance tank, Frigid Five shirt, hot pink zip jacket, zebra stripe headband, Manzella gloves, Avia socks, Nike Air Max shoes, Nike+ GPS Sportband, iPod shuffle, and iPhone.  Worked out perfectly!

Yesterday's plank was 3:30.1.  I also planked on my rest day for 3:32.7.  Lovin' the planks!

I'm headed out for my long run here in a little while.  I'm going to North Park again for a planned 7.5 miles. 

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