Thursday, January 10, 2013

I Heart Antibiotics

Today I'm saying a huge thank you to the inventors of Zythromax.  This is the best I've felt in several days, if not honestly the entirety of 2013 thus far.  My eye no longer looks gross, I have energy to spend, and I don't feel like everything in life is a huge freaking chore.  I even went grocery shopping today.  Rawr!

Like the slacker I am, I never updated on yesterday's tempo run, so here goes:

It went surprisingly well!  I wasn't sure I was going to be able to really accomplish a quick run due to being sick and all, but I did it.  It honestly felt good to run.  I went to North Park and started on the flattest part.  There truly is no "flat" part of North Park. It's all rolling hills of varying degree, but there is one side that is notably not as extreme as the other.  My plan was to do 10 minutes at an easy pace, 10 up tempo to around 10K pace, then 10 minutes easy again.  During the 10K pace part, I tried to run it by feel and every time I would glance at my watch it would say I was around 8:15 min/mile pace.  I'd try to slow it down a bit, but it just keep speeding up.  The thing is, it felt so easy.  I didn't really feel like I was pushing myself very much at all.  I could have kept running for quite a long time at that pace, so I just let things happen.

Interval times:
1st 10 - 9:53
2nd 10 - 8:12 (see? and this did not feel too hard at ALL)
3rd 10 - 9:32

Mile 1 - 9:54
Mile 2 - 8:13
Mile 3 - 9:15

Overall: 3.28 miles in 30:07.  Average pace: 9:09.  Not bad for being sick I think!

Today's run went just fantastic.  I was at the gym because today is a weights day.  Again, the run felt super easy.  The pace didn't feel fast at all.  At the end I was cranking up the treadmill just to feel like I was getting a good sweat going.  Maybe I'm just hitting another "easy is getting faster" point?  Gosh, I hope so!  But if this is just a fluke, that's ok too. 

Mile 1 - 9:53
Mile 2 - 9:13
Mile 3 - 8:49

Overall: 3.22 miles in 30:10.  Average pace:  9:22.  A little quick, but I feel great, knee is not bothering me AT ALL and I've still got energy to get me through the day. 

I did my standard weight routine as well, and being all in happy antibiotic beast mode, I was able to crank up some pounds on a couple machines.

Shoulder Press - 2 sets of 12 @ 15 lbs
Triceps Press - 2 sets of 15 @ 45 lbs
Back Extension - 1 set of 15 @ 80 lbs, 1 set of 15 @ 85 lbs!
Chest Press - 2 sets of 12 @ 30 lbs <-- this was my weakest exercise, but I'm always weak here.
Seated Row - 2 sets of 15 @ 30 lbs
Pull down - 1 set of 12 @ 35 lbs, 1 set of 12 @ 40 lbs!

I did 2 sets of 20 regular ab crunches due to the machine still being a work in progress.  I also did my #plankaday (2:26.5).

This was my last run before my race on Sunday.  At this point I am planning on taking the next two days off, aside from planking, stretching, and maybe some light strength training (like the Strength Running IT Band routine).  I want to have fresh legs for the race and give my knee a break just in case it's still finicky.

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