Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Runner Girls!

I did run this morning and I'll update on that later, but I have an important announcement to post!

I've been named the very first Runner Girl of the Week by the lovely ladies on the Runner Girls Podcast!  I'm very flattered and honored!

If you don't listen to this show, you should!  You need to!  It's an informative, supportive, and fun show brought to us by Sue, Meagan and Katie who started the show while training for their very first half marathons.  Now, they are training for other races, including a half marathon that they will be running together!  I love following along with their journeys.  These are regular girls with regular lives, fitting in their runs while juggling families, work, school, and trying to avoid injury and illness.  No elitism or judgements on this show, which is a refreshing break from some other shows or online groups you may have encountered.  I also enjoy the "Runner Girl Recommends" portion - lots of great ideas/tips/products there!  If you haven't listened to the show before, I encourage you to give the Runner Girls a try.  I'll bet you won't be disappointed!

Runner Girls Podcast  <--- go here.  Like them on Facebook, download the podcast, follow on DailyMile, say hi - just do it!

Thanks again Sue, Meagan and Katie!  Keep on running!  <3

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