Sunday, January 20, 2013

Week 3 of HM Training Done!

Sometimes it amazes me how fast time flies.  Of course, I'm saying this today but by tomorrow afternoon I'll probably be ripping my hair out because the kids have off school due to MLK day and will be going stir crazy.  Anyway, the past 2 days have zipped by!

Yesterday morning I went out and did the stadium loop.  There's not much time to get the whole way to the trail and get much done when I'm only scheduled for 3 miles, but that's ok.  This was a HM goal pace run so I was aiming to keep between a 9:00-9:10 average.

First off, it was HOT.  When I checked the weather, it said that it was 42 degrees but "felt like" 30-something.  The wind was also supposedly gusty.  So, I put on pants, a long sleeved tech tee, and my fleece pullover.  The sun was shining, so obviously I wore my Oakleys and I also wore my UA cap because I didn't think I'd have a problem with my head/ears freezing.  Well, by the time I hit the park (a few blocks from my house) I was sweating.  Not great for not even starting my run yet.  The sun was just beating down, and the wind wasn't as gusty as the report claimed.  But, I sucked it up and went for it.  I was panting like a dog.  I would have been fine with no pullover and capris.  Oh well, lesson learned.

In true "me" fashion, I went out too fast.  I knew I'd have to reel it in for the last bit, so negative splits just weren't happening.  Oh well.  This wasn't about splits, just about learning to feel "that pace".  I'll get it... that's what this training is all about, right?  If I were a master of this stuff I wouldn't be sitting here yammering on and on about my stumbles, that's for sure.  At any rate,  the run went ok.  My average pace did end up where it was supposed to be, I just need to be better about my starts and finding that sweet spot sooner and more consistently.

Mile 1 - 8:55
Mile 2 - 8:55
Mile 3 - 9:17

Overall: 3.03 miles in 27:26.  Average pace: 9:03.  Success among failure.  Such is life.

Oh, I didn't mention this before, but I wore my Adrenalines for this run.  Aside from my feet still feeling odd during the run, I was totally pain free afterward.  Even for as fast as I ran I did not have a slight niggle in the knee or anywhere else.  I think these shoes are officially a win and I'm probably going to wear them for most of next week.

Today was LSR day.  I did wear my Nikes, but next week I plan on the Adrenalines for the long run.  The weather was definitely back to bitter cold today and the wind was gusting 30+ mph.  Perfect for me!

I went to North Park with the family to do the good old lake loop. I planned to do the 5 miles around and then head out another .75 miles and turn around and head back to the fam.  Starting slow was my mantra for the day.  Keep it easy, I kept saying to myself.

Really, this run went well, even with fighting the wind in places.  Miles 1 and 2 were slow and gentle, and miles 3 and 4 were a bit quicker, probably a little too much quicker, but not bad.  Mile 5 was really fast, but I truly didn't have total control of it.  I hit a big downhill with the wind at my back.  I dialed back the pace a bit for mile 6+.  My knee was slightly achy during the last 1/3 of the run.  Not painful at all, just letting me know it existed.  I stretched, iced, and rolled, and its fine now.

One thing this run did for me was proved why I am glad I picked this particular training plan.  While I wasn't sore or anything going into today's LSR, I could tell that I did put forth an effort yesterday.  So essentially I'm learning to run on tired legs.  This (I think) will prove helpful in those final miles of my race.  Of course, we will see.

Mile 1 - 10:15
Mile 2 - 10:09
Mile 3 - 9:46
Mile 4 - 9:42
Mile 5 - 9:28
Mile 6 - 9:36
Last .56 miles - 8:57 <-- because, you know...

Overall: 6.56 miles in 1:04:02.  Average pace: 9:45.  Pretty good...  I'd like to have seen Mile 3 around 9:55-10:00, but hey, can't be a perfectionist here.

Week 3 done!  I think I did better with keeping the runs easy when they were supposed to be.  I was also thrilled that I was able to get to the gym for cross training on Monday and I got all of my strength work in then and on Thursday.

Overall I ran: 20.13 miles in 3:09:31.  Average pace: 9:25.  I also hit a new #plankaday PR this week: 3:31.9!!  I have done five 3+ minute planks!  Woohoo!

I really want to be able to get my speedwork sessions outside one of these weeks.  This week and the one 2 weeks prior I've had to do on the treadmill, which I find cumbersome.  I'm at Mother Nature's mercy on this, but I sure wish she'd cut me a break with the ice and all.

Next week I want to continue the trend of "keepin' it easy", and I'd like to add "keep it smart".  By that I mean, watch the splits a bit closer and try to avoid the huge gaps I have between them.  Easy and smart.

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