Sunday, February 24, 2013

I did it! I did it!

TEN MILES.  10 freaking miles and I ran them all!  haha.

I'm not going to say all 10 miles were easy.  or fun.  Nope, not at all.  But darnit, if they aren't in the bank, and even though I'm a little achy now I'll be happy to do it again!

I actually got out early to do my run today.  Nick dropped me off up at the park and headed off to do some errands (you know, wash the car, etc).

I was all fueled up with a bowl of old fashioned oats with chia seeds, wheat germ, PB2 and a drizzle of honey and splash of unsweetened almond milk.  Yummy.

The weather was ok.  It was cold (high 20s) and there were some snow flurries.

I wore my standard gear, nothing special.  I didn't use my Spibelt because I have huge pockets in my pink zip up fleece.  I had my Clif gel in my amphipod pouch, too.  Other than that, I wore clothes... lol.  Oh, I wore my Adrenalines, which I will talk about either later in the post or in another one (simply put, I'm starting a love/hate relationship with them).

Now, this is me and all, and why would I make something easy on myself, right?  Today I wanted to start off on McKinney hill because I've heard people talk about it, especially since it's at the beginning of my half marathon, and the unknown of it was bothering me.  I told myself I'd go really slow and just focus on getting over it.

I don't know if it's because I had fresh legs, which is a total 180 from having practically dead legs at the end of the Frigid Five for a scary hill, but McKinney was no big deal.  I mean, yes.  It was a hill, so I wasn't able just to sprint my butt up it.  Yes, I went slow.  A lot slower than I typically run.  But I hit the top with no issues - I wasn't winded, didn't stop to walk, didn't feel particularly stressed in any way.  Shrug?

The downhill.... now THAT I thought was more of a challenge.  It's pretty steep at first and my footing was all wacked.  I had to really keep my focus to keep from tripping.  Of course during this part my pace started flying, and if I'm being totally honest here (which I am) I had a little bit of a problem keeping my pace under control from here on out.

So, anyway, from here I just followed the race course.  I did 1 lake loop plus a little out and back to make up the 10 miles.  Negative splits didn't exist, and I was just all over the place with pace, but hey, I'm not perfect.

I ran miles 2 and 3 way too fast.  I should have been slapped for how quickly I took mile 3.  My watch was giving me fits again doing the whole not keeping consistent thing, so I was never really sure how fast I was going until each mile point.  I was able to slow down the pace again over the next 3 miles to the 10K point, and then I was all over the place for the last few miles.  The last half a mile was tough, and I think I was talking to myself a lot, but I completed the run.  Thankfully, this week my gel (Clif chocolate again) wasn't frozen so I was able to get it down quicker and it seemed to have a better effect.  I took it around 5.5 miles.  I still suck at ripping these things open with my gloves on, so I have to take them off, shove them in my pockets or waistband, rip the gel open, suck it down, throw the gel away (for the record, if there is no receptacle nearby I put it back in my pouch.  I do NOT litter.  That is another rant for another time.)  and then re-glove.  It's a little cumbersome, but it works, I guess.

My hips, of all things were (and still are) my most achy part. It's an ache (on both sides) that goes from the outside of my hip then all along the inside of my leg - right in the crease of leg and crotch.  My knees aren't really bothering me at all.

At any rate, I DID it.  I have now ran a double digit distance.  I had runners high all day I think.  I'm very proud.  And I'm relieved to know that yes I CAN do it!

Mile 1 - 10:37  <-- super slow for the hill
Mile 2 - 9:24
Mile 3 - 9:09  <-- BAD!!!
Mile 4 - 9:27
Mile 5 - 9:32
Mile 6 - 9:43 (now THIS is where I should have been the previous 4 miles!)
Mile 7 - 9:25
Mile 8 - 9:21
Mile 9 - 9:16 <--total loss of control again.
Mile 10 - 9:43

Overall: 10.05 miles in 1:36:10.  Average pace: 9:34.

This was a rough week, mostly for personal reasons, but of course that affects my running, so it was just a tough week.  I'm glad I was able to get my long run done and I can put this week behind me.  I really did push myself this week, so I think a goal I have for the coming week is to go gentle, even if it means I have to slog a bit.

This week I ran 27.82 miles in 4:15.09.  Average pace: 9:10.  Highest mileage ever. Getting close to my goal of 30 miles per week.... Speaking of which, I think since Feb is a short month I'm going to get screwed on 100 miles this month.  BOO FEBRUARY!!  lol  Oh well, every week is a PR for me right now and it is exhilarating.  It won't always be this way, so I'm going to enjoy it.  Speaking of PRs, etc - I should get better about posting my planks on here.  I post them every day on Twitter for #plankaday.  I'm almost at the 100 day point!  And I'm SO close to a 5 minute plank.  I'll get there!

Week 8 of Half Marathon training = complete!

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  1. YEAHH!!! i love that feeling of hitting a new milestone in my running, it is so empowering to realize you can do more than you ever thought!