Wednesday, February 27, 2013

I went... and then I left.

The gym, that is.  I know I mentioned in a previous post that the weather might be crappy today so my run would likely be on the treadmill today.  Well, it rained all night long and was still going when I woke up, so I knew that after I took the kids to the school I'd be heading up the road to play hamster for a while.

By the time I got up to the gym, it was honestly warm (temp was around 40).  I went inside and immediately was overwhelmed with how many people there were!!  This was ten times worse than I'd EVER seen it.  There wasn't even any room to walk around.  There aren't enough lockers for this many people at one time in this place either.  So, I was already irritated and I hadn't even stepped onto a treadmill yet.

There were 2 treadmills available.  One had a known defect, so I skipped that one.  The other one has the quick controls disabled, but I was just like "whatever, I'll deal with it".  I started my run and just got SO irritated.  The treadmill seemed to be skipping all over the place.  All I could hear was people screaming at each other over the blasting craptastic music, and the treadmill I was lucky to have (sarcasm) was right near the door, so I had a constant stream of in and out traffic.  Also, some (I'm assuming female) put way too much Victoria's Secret Vanilla Lace on.  Seriously.  And I know damn well that's what scent it was because I had an obsession with that stuff in the late 90s.  It smelled like someone took a bath in it, smothered every part of their anatomy in a whole bottle of the lotion and then sprayed themselves and all their clothing down in it for good measure.  It seriously burned my throat.

I could NOT get focused.  The treadmills face the parking lot and I noticed that the sun was peeking out a bit and it looked like the rain would hold off for a while.  At this point I was around the half mile point in my run (not even through the warmup).  I thought about it for only a moment before hitting the "STOP" button on the treadmill, grabbing my stuff, and running out of the gym.  I headed over to the park (after putting on a long sleeve shirt) and did my run there.  Yeah, I'm a nut.

BUT - I got my run done and it went pretty well!  I did a warmup, 9 x 400s with 200 recoveries, and then a cooldown (I pretty much just like to hit an even 5 miles).  I'm not gonna lie... it was NOT all easy.  Again, I've been feeling sluggish, and felt it even in the first 400 I did.  I pushed on and gave it all I had, though.  I did have a bout of "blah" around the 7th repeat, and honestly the 9th was really tough - I barely held onto 5K pace that time (1 second off).  I got it done!  And even tough afterward I had to ask Nick "Please tell me this isn't supposed to be easy - it's supposed to suck a bit", I reminded myself that I only have ONE more speedwork day left before my first half!  Next Wednesday is a tempo run and then the week after that I'll attempt 10 400s.  So, I'll be ok.  I'll make it.  haha.

Without posting every single interval I'll just say that in total I ran 5.03 miles in 42:05.  Average pace: 8:21.

Here's to saying "screw the gym, I'm goin' outside"!!

I did a reverse plank today for #plankaday for 2:33.1.  A little shorter than usual, but I was talking to Nick and the cat was weaving in and out (excuses!), so I'm happy with that.

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  1. You had to do some serious work to make that workout happen, I love the dedication!!