Saturday, February 2, 2013

No Shadow, huh?

Silly groundhog.  Thank you for predicting an early Spring, but as for this morning, it is around 5 degrees, maybe lower, with the windchill and snowing.  We'll see what the near future holds, I guess.

This morning I knew I was going to have to bundle up for my run so I wore my Hyperwarm thermal pants, UA knockoff shirt, and Smartwool socks.  I wore the pink zip up fleece and my thick white headband.  I wanted to wear my Adrenalines, but I knew better because of the snow/slush already on the ground and the fact there was still stuff coming down.  So, the Nikes went on the feet.  Oh well.

Pre-run (about 2 hours) I ate a bowl of old fashioned oats with a tablespoon of wheat germ and sunflower seed butter.  And coffee, of course.

Despite the bitter cold, there were still lots of people doing the Lake Loop at North Park.  Pretty cool.  You can tell we're knee deep in training season around here.  I'm starting to recognize some faces, and I think people are recognizing me because some of these same people will say hello, etc.

As for the run, well, it was slated to be a simple 3 mile run at goal HM pace.  I started off ok, then on the second mile I went into speed machine mode again, so I had to reel it back in for mile 3.  Overall I came in a little on the fast side, but the run went ok and I felt good.

Mile 1 - 9:00
Mile 2 - 8:43 <-- gogogo!
Mile 3 - 9:09

Overall I ran 3.07 miles in 27:36.  Average pace: 8:59.  Not too bad.

Post-run I ate half of a banana.  No real need for a lot on a 3 miler.

It's supposed to keep snowing over the next day or so.  It'll be interesting to see what happens!

Today's #plankaday came in at 3:37.7.  Yesterday's came in at 3:36.6.  Rawr!

Oh, my lovely significant other bought me this coffee mug:

Well, honesty IS the best policy!
Love you Hun! <3

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