Friday, February 8, 2013

Oh My Abs!

First off, I want to let you know that I was a good girl yesterday, and even though I was feeling great I did not lift weights.  Nor did I stress myself out by worrying about doing a bunch of extra exercise to "make up" the loss of the weights.  I did do a couple wall sits and the Twitter challenge I'll talk about shortly.  Score 1 for self control.  Just to keep in the habit, though, I did go to the gym with Nick and do my easy run on the treadmill.  It went.  Treadmill.  3 miles.  Not much to say.  Overall I ran 3.27 miles in 31:21.  Average pace: 9:34.  Woopie do.  Felt good, though!

Yesterday I did partake in a fantastic strength challenge.  A group of people on Twitter got together to do #PlankAnHour.  The goal was to do a plank - some kind, any kind - every hour on the hour from 8am-8pm.  I knew I was probably going to miss one and possibly two due to taking the kids to school, etc, but I wanted to give it my best shot.

I ended up only missing the 9 o-clock hour plank.  I usually stick with the forearm plank for my standard #plankaday, but since I was going to be planking a lot, I wanted to mix it up a bit and try some variations.  By the end of the day I realized that I have some work to do on my sides!  I'll get there.

My abs are still feeling the burn this morning, but I did get my #plankaday out of the way early this morning in a time of 3:57.0 (forearm plank).

Here is the summary of my #PlankAnHour challenge.

8 AM – forearm plank 4:15.8
9 AM – missed due to driving around town, etc.
10 AM – forearm plank 4:12.4
11 AM – forearm plank 4:03.9
12 PM – push up plank 3:03.9
1 PM – push up plank 3:09.5
2 PM – push up plank 3:12.5
3 PM – side planks 1:00 per side
4 PM – side planks 1:00 per side
5 PM – side planks (on kitchen floor while cooking dinner!) 1:00 per side
6 PM – reverse plank 1:51.0
7 PM – reverse plank 2:05.5
8 PM – reverse plank 2:09.0

Reverse planks feel GREAT, btw.  However, I have learned that they are best done on a non slippery floor.

I'm headed out in a little while to get my packet for my 10K tomorrow.  I'm kinda nervous about it and I don't know why.  It's supposed to be cold (much more frigid than the Five Miler), but that doesn't bother me.  I think I'm just in panic mode because we have a hectic schedule and I'm worried about either being late or way too early, etc.   Victoria is going roller skating with her youth group and has to be at the church at 8:30.  My 10K starts at 9:45 and is about half an hour away from where the church is.  There is also a 5K going on that starts at 9:00.  So, I gotta worry about parking, checking in and getting my timing chip, and getting where I need to be.  I've been considering having my husband drop me off up at the race area before taking Tori to the church.  I'm probably freaking out for nothing, as usual, but these are the things going through my mind.

As far as goals go for the race, I don't know what to expect because I don't know the course.  I'd love to be able to finish in under 55 minutes, but if that's not going to be realistic then I won't beat myself up over it.  I'm going to PR anyway since it's my virgin 10K.

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