Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Ok, So I'm a Drama Queen

I mean, I did earn the award for "Most Dramatic" my senior year in High School many moons ago.  I have to carry on my traditions!

Anyway, my point today is:  my back feels much better.  I can bend backward without pain, I went through my whole stretching routine without pain, I picked up my 3 year old without pain, and I ran (well) without pain.  It still feels a little "off", which I can't explain, but I'm not like "ooh, ahhh, damn" like before.  So, maybe I just pushed myself a little hard and need to recover from it.  I'm not on death's door and I'm going to (attempt) to stop whining about it.

That being said, I'm still not going to lift weights tomorrow.  You know, that whole "play it smart" thing... I'm joining a group of people in doing a #PlankAnHour challenge on Twitter, and I think between that, some squats, wall sits, lunges, and other body weight type exercises, I'll make up for my "strength" workout.  If you're reading this and want to join the party, just do some kind of plank on the hour every hour from 8AM-8PM EST tomorrow and tweet it with the hashtag #PlankAnHour.  Don't forget #PlankADay too so you can get credit for that!  For the record, if you have to work and can't get away to plank every hour or you have something else that will keeping you from participating all day - that's ok!  Just jump in when you can no matter if it's all 12 planks or just 1!  The more the merrier.

I guess I'd better talk about my run today.  40 minutes.  10 minutes easy, 20 minutes between 5k-10k pace, and then 10 minutes easy.

Pre-run I ate a half of an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie PowerBar.

Gear:  Pretty much identical to yesterday - only differences were a black tank under my Frigid Five Miler shirt, bootcut black running pants, cheapo socks, and my white headband.  Everything else was the same.

There was some kind of between snow and ice sleet-type hard pellet stuff coming out of the sky.  Thankfully the roads were much less slushy than yesterday.  Temperature was about the same, maybe a couple degrees cooler.

I did my "easy" 10 minute trot and then threw it into gear for the next 20.  It took a few minutes into it to feel totally warmed up, but once I got there - damn!  My legs just wanted to take off like rockets.  I had to keep forcing myself to slow the pace down.  I do love these days because they amuse the crap out of me.  I wish I knew the magic reason why some runs feel so freaking hard but others (which SHOULD be harder) just seem to come so natural.

I finished feeling fantastic.  My knee was aching a bit, but stretching and icing rescued me as usual.

Splits: (not that they matter much for this type of run, but whatever)
Mile 1 - 9:51
Mile 2 - 8:11
Mile 3 - 8:14
Mile 4 - 8:40

Overall: 4.54 miles in 40:12.  Average pace: 8:51.  Now for the actual interval times:

00:00-10:00 - 9:49
10:00-30:00 - 8:12  <-- a little on the fast side, but felt great!
30:00-40:00 - 9:17   <-- had trouble coming back down to an easy pace
40:00-40:12 - 12:08 <--Fumbled with my watch to shut it off.

Good run!  Looking forward to tomorrow's #PlankAnHour challenge!  Today's plank was 3:49.9.

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