Friday, February 22, 2013

Runner Chocolates!

This is old news, but I've been wanting to post about it.  Just lacked the time (and memory, let's be honest here).

I don't "do" a whole lot of Valentine's Day.  I mean, I do, however, I don't see much sense or need in going out for hundred dollar dinners and spending way too much on the standard dozen roses, and other such insanity all with the message "this is to show I love you".  I'm more of a fan of "show your love every single day".  I'd rather a dozen flowers (I like roses, but they aren't my favorite) on a random Thursday than one because a Hallmark said so on a specific day.  That's just me.  Yeah, I appreciate things when given on the day, but I'm more of a realistic and practical person.  Or maybe I just fail at "romance".  Do I really care?

At any rate, you should know by reading my posts last week that I was sick over Valentine's Day.  When I was feeling better, my husband brought me a bouquet of flowers and then he said "I didn't buy a big heart of candy or anything, but I did get you some chocolate.  And it's runners chocolate!".  And then he gave me a handful of these:

Nom Nom Nom.

God love this man when he's smart, practical, and romantic all at the same time.

I do love NuGo bars, btw.

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