Monday, February 11, 2013

Training Schedule Week of 2/11/2013-2/17/2013

Week 7 of 13!

Monday: I had an extremely busy day and between that and feeling a bit "off", I didn't go to the gym.  I did, however, do a lot of stretching and foam rolling as well as my go-to IT Band Strengthening Routine from Strength Running.  My right side was letting me know it existed over the last day so I figured it was time to hop back on that bandwagon.  I also got my #plankaday in.  Since doing the #PlankAnHour challenge, I've been switching up my planks daily instead of just doing one power forearm plank.  Today I chose to do a reverse plank. 2:45.6
Tuesday: 4.5 miles EASY
Wednesday:  8x400s with 200 recoveries along with the requisite w/u and c/d periods.
Thursday:  3 miles EASY plus Strength (hopefully I'll be able to get back to the gym!)
Friday:  REST
Saturday:  4 miles at HM pace
Sunday:  9 miles LONG RUN

I'm just going to try to take things easy, especially if I get to hit the weights on Thursday.  I think I'm going to scale back on the overall weight I'm lifting and instead lean more toward a "low weight/more reps" approach.  It'll probably take me a few times to get it right, but I'll just go with it.  I don't think, at least while I'm actively training for something, that continuing to pack on more and more weight is a good idea.

I'm in the market for some good compression socks/sleeves.  ProCompression?  Zensah?  Bondi?  Other?  It seems like everyone has a favorite but nothing really negative to say about the ones that aren't their fave.  Pick by favorite color or pattern then? Whoever has the cheapest sale price?  *enter confuzzled look*

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