Monday, February 18, 2013

Training Schedule Week of 2/18/2013-2/24/2013

Week 8 of 13.  5 weeks to go!  It seems like it is starting to go by very quickly at this point.  I have days where I'm feeling awesome and I'm all like "hell yeah I can run a half marathon.  pfft!".  Then I have other days (like during/after my 9.1 mile run yesterday) when I seriously doubt my ability to even make it to a 2 digit number of mileage at one shot.  It's a daily rollercoaster, physically and emotionally.

Monday:  XT (will go into more detail below)
Tuesday:  4.5 miles EASY
Wednesday:  40 minute tempo run
Thursday:  3 miles EASY plus strength
Friday:  REST
Saturday:  5 miles at HM pace
Sunday:  10 miles LONG RUN

What am I most concerned about this week?  Well, it's not any of the weekdays, I'll tell you that.  I'm not terribly afraid of going 5 miles at HM goal pace.  I've done a 10K faster and survived, obviously.  I am, however, apprehensive about going 10 miles (eek!)... especially the day after doing those 5 @ HM pace.  I know some people would suggest upon hearing such a statement that I should switch the runs, or maybe do the 5 miles easy.  But I'm going to do my best to do this as written because I've really liked what this particular plan has done for me thus far.  I know my long run yesterday was rough toward the last bit, but I was still able to power through that dead feeling and conjure the strength to finish.  No stopping.  No walk breaks.  Nothing but sheer will and determination even when my mind is telling me "you're done, you can't do anymore, you can stop, don't feel bad, etc".  I truly blame that mentality on this plan.  Thanks Hal.

This week I would also love it if I could get to the gym for the first time in forever on Thursday so I can get some weights in.  I've been substituting lifting with doing body strengthening exercises at home, and I think that's better than nothing, but I don't know if it's better or worse in the long run.  Most exercise routines I honestly find on Pinterest or through DailyMile friend recommendations.  They're truly not bad.

Speaking of which, today was a Pinterest workout day.  I melded together a core workout and an upper body workout to come up with the following:

20 jumping jacks
10 incline pushups
20 triceps dips
60 pushups - split between "real" pushups, kneeling pushups, and wall pushes
10 burpees
30 arm circles
3 cobras
150 ab crunches
2 x 1:00 forearm planks
2 x :30  side planks
1 x 1:00 bridge
1 x 2:00 bridge
1 x 1:00 pushup plank
2 x 1:30 side planks

This plus stretching took me around 30 minutes.  I broke a sweat and felt like I at least did something.  I'm not feeling any ill effects from yesterday's long run and I think I'm going to have a good run tomorrow.  I can hope!

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