Friday, March 15, 2013

Feel Good Friday

I've had pretty relaxing day overall here.  I took it easy while still being able to get a lot done.  I love days like that!  I'm starting to get a little Spring fever/cleaning bug and I'm wanting to get some things around here organized, purged, and deep cleaned.  Today I tackled a little touch of my kitchen (really just standard upkeep in there), and then I did a deeper cleaning of my living room rug.  I don't know what exactly the kids spilled in there, but there were spots that just had a funk to me that I didn't realize were there until I was planking right on top of them.  Ha!  More benefits to the plank!  Anyway, after annoying the oldest cat with the god awful annoying sweeper,  I headed to my daughter's room.  I cleaned up her bathroom, and got rid of some old junk hanging around her room and closet.  Then I headed downstairs to my computer area I had a huge "pitch it" fest.  It's amazing how random paperwork and just general clutter can creep up on you.  I got rid of several bags of stuff today and I'm feeling quite accomplished.  I also gathered my groceries for my St. Patty's Day feast.  Every year I make the same thing - corned beef simmered in a concoction of Guinness and brown sugar, potatoes, fried cabbage, and Irish soda bread.  It makes my little Irish heart sing! :)  Speaking of the Guinness, that's the one thing I need to get out and pick up tomorrow.  Hopefully I won't have to go on a treasure hunt for it.

Unfortunately it looks like the weather is going to be too crappy to go to the parade.  The kids are bummed, but I don't think mid-30s and a rain/snow mix is good weather for standing outside for 3+ hours (our parade is long!).

I also got to spend some quality time hanging out with my awesome little girl, Victoria.  She's becoming quite the expert in Plants vs. Zombies.  ;)

As far as workouts go, and really I think all the cleaning I did today should count (but I won't count it), I did the WOW and a reverse plank.

Workout times on the left.  One of my favorite mugs on the right.  Today's work was fueled by a lot of those...  On the bottom is a little project that Victoria has hanging up in her school.  So proud of her!

Water: Oh yes.  Today is one of those days where I'm so hydrated I've been in the bathroom more than I'd like to admit.
Fruits and veggies: As is typical during Lent, I tend to go above and beyond on this category on Fridays.  My lunch today was vegetable fajitas, for example.  I had way over 7 servings today from a combination of the following:  pineapple, mixed berries, plum, green peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, yellow squash, snap peas, baby carrots, avocado, and mixed salad greens.

Drinking 64+ oz of water: 1
Eating 7+ servings of fruits and veggies: 1
Doing the WOW: 1
Doing 11 minutes of exercise: 1

Total points for today: 4
Total points for the week: 36.5
Total overall challenge points: 100

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