Wednesday, March 20, 2013

First Day of Spring? Where?

I've seen many an internet meme recently regarding the groundhog.  It's pretty safe to say that people think he's full of crap right now.  This morning marked the official Spring Equinox and I can tell you that here in Western PA it feels like December or January.  Probably worse, actually.  I vaguely remember running a "Frigid" race in January in capris and a t-shirt on a nice 60 degree day.  But whatever, we have no control over this, so our choices are to suck it up, complain about it, not really care, or some combination.  Happy first day of Spring!

Aside from the weather, my run today was fantastic!  I did a 10 minute warmup, 30 minutes speedy, then 10 minutes to cooldown.  At first, when dealing with the wicked wind and bitter cold the run felt drab, but once I warmed up I felt great.  I rocked those 30 minutes and even had trouble slowing myself down for those last 10.  I ran 5.89 miles in 50:05.  Average pace: 8:30.  Average pace for the 30 minutes in the middle: 7:57.   Like I said, this felt great.  Either the moon and stars are aligned in some special way, or hey, maybe training might actually work.  lol

I did not do the WOW today.  I didn't want to take the chance of throwing myself over the edge and being stupid.  That's ok with me.

I did a forearm plank today for 5:08.  Yes, my dear Calloway (the cat I mentioned previously) was laying right there, purring like crazy.  Just a side story - his name is Calloway because one of my all time favorite movies is the Blues Brothers.  I've probably seen it a million and three times.  Any time I'm channel surfing and it pops up I will stop to watch it in its entirety.  I just love it.  One of my favorite parts of the movie is when Cab Calloway sings "Minnie the Moocher".  So, why not name the cat after him?

Top left - hot coffee was definitely helpful after my cold run!  Top right - I took this screenshot right before I started running.  Do you see where it says "feels like 18"?  It certainly did.

Water:  check!
Fruits and Veggies:  yes!  We've been on a big strawberry kick around here lately.  Today Nick picked up some at Sam's on his way home and these things are HUGE and super sweet.  Yum.  Other than strawberries, I had banana, carrots, apples, grapes, grape tomatoes, baked potato, and brussels sprouts (simply steamed - nothing on them.  Yes, I like them just like this and shockingly my kids do too.  So, I'm not complaining there!).

Drinking 64+ oz water:  1
Eating 7+ servings of fruits and vegetables:  1
Doing the WOW: 0
Doing 55 minutes of exercise:  5.5

Total points for today: 7.5
Total points for week 3 of the SBBC:  24.5
Total points for the SBBC:  144.5

I'm calling it a night.  Tomorrow I'm headed to the gym for a short run on the treadmill before my strength training.

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