Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I'm Quiet Because I'm Nervous.

There.  I said it.  I haven't been posting my normal blahblahblahblah not because I truly don't have the time, but because I'm just nervous.  And honestly, I'm to the point where I'm snapping at my husband any time he asks something like "Are you getting excited??".  Screw you, buddy.  No, I'm not excited.  Inside I'm freaking the hell out, going over everything that could possibly go wrong.  I'm analyzing and over-analyzing my training.  I'm scrutinizing every morsel of food that goes into this finely tuned body (go ahead and laugh, I just did) because if I eat a percentage too much fat and not enough protein and carbs my muscles might hate me and then I'm screwed.  I'm panicking over every twinge in my body because, you know, I'm probably dying of something that'll make me DNF.  And don't sneeze near me.  You're going to give me the damned plague and then I'll DNS and I'll be even more pissed.

Yeah.  And I have 2 more days to go.  I'll gladly accept that Drama Queen Award, thank you very much.

I felt great after my 10 miler on Sunday.  Monday I was feeling a little stiff/sore, so I took it easy and just got in my plank and did my beloved ITB Strengthening Workout from Strength Running.  My right hip seemed to be the worst of it, so I figured it couldn't hurt.  Yesterday (Tuesday), my right hip was feeling wonky.  No pain, just some weird twingy, tingly, bizarre sensation going on.  I had an easy 4 miler on the books and I was able to get out and get that done with no real issue.  I didn't have any pain while running at all.  In fact, if I had to describe anything at all "out of the ordinary" about my body on this run I'd tell you that my right ass cheek was kinda numb. I iced my hip/butt area, stretched and foam rolled like crazy and took some Naproxen before bed.  Because you know, this probably means I'm going to be bed ridden in no time in some extreme crisis.

Yesterday's Side Planks.  I was going for 1:31 (get it, 13.1?  haha I'm hilarious) on each side, but it's hard to stop the timer at a specific point).

My uber awesome Succotash Soup.  Seriously, this stuff is good.  And it's a bowl full of freakin' veggies so hooray!

Points (though Tuesday):
Drinking 64+ oz of water:  1
Eating 7+ servings of fruits and veggies:  1 (thanks soup!)
Doing the WOW:  0
Doing 41 minutes of exercise:  4

Total points for today(Tuesday):  6
Total points for week 4 of the SBBC:  9.5
Total points for the SBBC:  184

Today I had a 30 minute tempo run on the books.  10 minutes easy, 10 minutes not so easy, and 10 minutes easy.  Simple. No biggie.  I was nervous because of this dang hip thing, but it turned out (again) to be no problem.  The only thing I can think of describing this "thing" I've got going on is that weird tingly, almost burning sensation that happens if you leave an ice pack on for a minute (or 5... ahem) too long.  It's not affecting how I run, I don't even really feel anything when I run, and there is no pain.  So, I don't know.... but I will say that this doesn't help my nerves one bit.  In fact, it makes it a lot worse.  If you think that researching things is bad (like on WebMD and whatnot) when you've just got a cold or something then you haven't researched running injuries.  Wow... dig a little into those and you'll come out certain - via running websites, medical/chiropractic websites, personal blogs, etc - that you should just lay in bed flat on your back for a year (at least!) and give up all hope of any movement other than shuffling through a grocery store for the rest of your life.  Heck, even then you could use one of those motorized carts to spare yourself any more trauma.

According to my various "symptoms", I have:
Piriformis Syndrome
Snapping Hip Syndrome
Sacral Stress Fracture
Pelvic Stress Fracture
Femoral Neck Stress Fracture
Hip Displasia
Hypochondria.  lol I just added that there to make myself laugh.

So, pretty much, I'm going to die.  <<insert huge eyeroll here>> 

Anyway, so that's why I've been so quiet lately.  Oh, today I also did a reverse plank.  I made it a short one though.  And for the record, no - my hip/butt didn't bother me doing this either.

I picked up my packet today for the race.  Scored some deals on sale stuff at the store too, so that was awesomesauce.  The weather is looking great for Saturday.  It'll hit around 50 degrees and be mostly sunny. The race is in the morning, though, so it will obviously be a little cooler than that.  I'm still planning on under dressing though, because I seem to do much better when I take that route.

Drinking 64+ oz of water:  1
Eating 7+ servings of fruits and veg:  1
Doing the WOW:  0
Doing 32 minutes of exercise:  3

Total points for today:  5
Total points for week 4 of the SBBC:  14.5
Total points for the SBBC: 189

Only 2 miles tomorrow!

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