Monday, March 4, 2013

SBBC Day 1

So here's my stats for the day:

Water?  Check.  I'm actually sitting here sipping on cup #9, and I always drink tea before bed as well, so I'm good on the fluids.

Freggies?  I did pretty well, I think!  I know I definitely hit the between 7-9 serving mark, but the actual number would depend on whether or not you're one that considers potatoes an actual veggie or not.  Other than some roasted potatoes with dinner, today I also had baby carrots, celery, a plum, blackberries, strawberries, grapefruit, and a salad made with red and green baby romaine lettuce, chopped tomatoes, and yellow pepper.

Here's a pic of some of the foods I had today.  I warn you, my photography is not the best, but I enjoy it.

Top pic is part of my salad.  Middle row pic 1 is roasted potato wedges and baby carrots with chicken breast.  This was a crockpot meal with the above ingredients plus italian dressing, a little parmesan and italian seasonings.  Middle row pic 2 is something you'll see a lot from me - greek yogurt with berries.  Bottom row is obviously a grapefruit and then one of my favorite breakfasts - old fashioned oats with chia seeds, PB2, and almond milk.

I completed the posted Workout of the Week, which consisted of squat jumps, low jog to high knees, toy soldiers (laying down) and bridges.  I did the routine twice through.  In total it took me 6:06.  I liked this warmup and might just use it as a typical warmup.  I felt good when it was done, although, admittedly, squat jumps are some of my least favorite things.  I think it is because I don't really do them that often, so I've never really gotten used to them.  Maybe this challenge will change that?

I also did the Weight Lifting Plan for Runners Workout #1.  I really liked this!!  It was a very welcome change to my "normal" strength training routine.  I really felt it!  On the second time through, by the time I got to the lateral shoulder raises I was really working.  My shoulders have always been one of my weak points.  I used 5 lb dumbbells, which felt right.  I could maybe kick it up to my 8s on the biceps sets, but I didn't want to push it.

Biceps curl 2 sets of 10
Chest Press 2 sets of 10
Hammer curl 2 sets of 10
Chest fly 2 sets of 10
1:00 Pushup plank - I chose to do pushup because I had already done my forearm #plankaday
1:00 side plank on each side
:30 jump squats
Triceps dip 2 sets of 10
Front Shoulder Raises 2 sets of 10
Pullover 2 sets of 10
Lateral Shoulder Raise 2 sets of 10
Back Extension 2 sets of 10
:30 jump rope

Doing this routine twice through took me 40:32.  Nice little workout there!

I did a forearm plank for #plankaday and got a shiny new PR!  5:10.9!

My overall total is just under 52 minutes of working out today!

Drinking 64+ oz of water: 1
Eating my fruits and veggies: 1
Doing the WOW: 1
Doing 51 minutes of exercise (1 point per 10 mins): 5

Total points for today: 8

If this is incorrect, someone please let me know!

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