Sunday, March 10, 2013

SBBC Week 1 Wrapup

Today is the end of week 1 of the SBBC and week 10/13 of my half marathon training plan!

I was scheduled for 11.5 miles this morning, but I had a personal goal of going to 11.6 because by doing that I would attain the goal of 30 miles per week.  :)

I started off the morning with my power breakfast of Coco Wheats, chia seeds (can you tell I put these things in something at least every day?  lol), wheat germ, and almond milk.  I also had a big cup of coffee.

The time change was throwing me off a bit this morning.  I couldn't tell if I was tired or not but I definitely just felt "off".

I did my side planks and the last day of WOW #1.  I haven't looked ahead to WOW #2 that I'll be starting tomorrow, but I'm secretly hoping there's no more jump squats.  I still have not grown to love them.

I set out for the park, excited to be running on a mostly sunny 60 degree day in March.  Shorts and a t-shirt it was!  I swear I just feel faster without a ton of gear on!

Anyway, my plan was to do what I've done before and take the first half or so slow and easy and then kick it up as I feel good enough to during the second half.  This always seems to work for me.  Today was no different.  When I can complete the first 5 mile loop with the feeling of "hell yeah I've got another in me!" I know I'm doing something right.

That being said, today was an "omg North Park sucks!" day.  I truly do have a love/hate relationship with it.  Being that the weather was warm and beautiful, there were easily a million times more people there than usual.  And the dogs... omg the dogs.  I usually like the occasional dog, but today it was constant dogs and people who didn't keep very good control of them, letting them have huge leads on their leashes, letting them crap wherever and then not cleaning it up, etc.  Blah.  I tried to not let it get to me too much and I just sucked it up and went about my way and tried to focus on my run and all the thoughts buzzing around my brain.

Oh, and another thing:  I think everyone (and I'm specifically talking about runners and/or cyclists or whoever else uses energy enhancing products while training) who litters in a park SUCKS.  I cannot tell you how many empty GU/Hammer/Clif packets and PowerBar wrappers etc were lying around.  Seriously??  You can carry the product around with you, but once you use it somehow you just can't do it anymore so it goes to the ground?  I know it is different and acceptable in a race situation with aid stations, but there are people to clean that up at that time.  On a normal day with nothing going on, you're just a litterbug if you do that.  I usually carry my gels/blocks in a pocket or my Amphipod pouch and then I'm done eating it the wrapper goes right back in there if I'm not near a trash receptacle.  Yeah, sometimes I get some sticky stuff on my shorts or in my pouch, but those are very washable.  Maybe it's just the former Scout in me coming through with the whole "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints" thing, but wow.  This just disheartens me.

Ok, enough ranting and back on topic:  the first loop of my run plus the beginning of the second went smooth as butter.  I took the last Clif chocolate gel I had (I don't think I'll be restocking them in my house because there's other things that just seem to work better after some trial and error) around mile 5.25.  I started to feel "meh" around mile 7.5 and by mile 8 I was looking at my watch every 30 seconds thinking "how much more do I have left??".  I wasn't hurting, but I was just feeling down.  Then I reminded myself that I only had a bit more than a 5K left and perked up a bit.  I remember looking at my watch at 9.67 miles and feeling a surge of energy that was quite welcome.  I ditched the thought of taking another gel at mile 10 because I was back to feeling great again.  I powered through that last mile and a half plus and ended feeling like I could have gone a bit more if I had to and wanted to.  I did my post run short walk and stretching and then came home to the second half of my stretching routine and my compression socks.

Mile 1 - 10:16
Mile 2 - 9:48
Mile 3 - 9:52
Mile 4 - 9:44
Mile 5 - 9:40
Mile 6 - 9:45
Mile 7 - 9:21
Mile 8 - 9:27
Mile 9 - 9:25
Mile 10 - 9:24
Mile 11 - 9:24
Last .66 - 9:21

Overall I ran 11.66 miles in 1:52:21.  Average pace: 9:38.  A really good run, dogs, litterbugs, scatterbrain and all. :)

This week I ran a total of 30.04 miles.  My first 30 mile week ever!  This was my goal for the year, to get to this point, and I'm happy to get here in the beginning of March, no less!  I ran for 4:38:46 and my average pace was 9:17.  I feel great.

Run map, side planks, WOW, a small portion of the large amount of veggies I ate with dinner (lol) and a little indulgence (Skinny Caramel Macchiato)

Water: Check and double check.  I probably hit my water mark by late afternoon.  I always drink a TON on my long run days.
Fruits and veggies:  Check, although I can tell it's time to hit the grocery store tomorrow because I had to double up on some things to make my quota today.  I had blueberries, banana, broccoli, carrots, squash, cauliflower, clementines, green grapes, and tomatoes.

Drinking 64+ oz of water: 1
Eating 7+ servings of fruits and veg: 1
Doing the WOW: 1
Doing 121 minutes of exercise: 12

Total points for today: 15
Total points for Week 1 of the SBBC:  63.5

I had fun with the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge this week.  The WOW, while challenging even though it is short, ended up being either a great warmup pre-run or just a great "get out of bed and wakeup" exercise.  I honestly don't think I'll ever appreciate squat jumps like I should, but I just find them hard on the knees.  Maybe that's a sign that I need to strengthen them, I don't know.  I can't wait to see what week 2 has in store!

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