Sunday, March 24, 2013

SBBC Week 3 Wrapup!

Well it's been an interesting week.

Since I didn't get a chance to update on Saturday, here's a quickie update:

I did my whopping 3 mile pace run.  It went well.  There was a 50K going on at the same time and place I was running.  That was neat to see.  Those people have balls of steel.  Maybe one day I'll get there.

Anyway, I ran 3.07 miles in 26:35.  Average pace was 8:39.  Yeah, a little fast.  But hell, it was only 3 miles.

I also did the WOW on Saturday.  I'll honestly be sad to see this one go.  I liked it.  My little girl even joined in with me and she did great!  We also did a reverse plank.  She's so cute how she tries to do these!

I got in all my water, but I believe I failed on 7+ freggie servings.  I mean, I think I could say "well, I ate a lot of Italian food and there was tons of sauce, etc", but I don't want to be iffy about it.  I'll take the loss.  Honestly, we just had a busy day.  After my run and some errands, we got ready for Palm Sunday vigil Mass.  The kids were absolutely terrible during Mass and I was very tired and stressed afterwards, so we just ordered some Spaghetti Warehouse takeout.

Points (through Saturday):
Drinking 64+ oz of water: 1
Eating 7+ servings of freggies: 0
Doing the WOW: 1
Doing 38 minutes of exercise: 3.5

Total points for today: 5.5
Total points for week 3 of the SBBC:  42.5
Total points for the SBBC:  162.5

Long run Sunday... I was up for 10 miles, which is a decrease from the past several weeks.  Taper time.  Since my race is this coming Saturday (March 30th), I didn't want to go too much over that even though I truly wanted to.

I felt great the whole first 3/4 of the run.  I had heaps of energy.  Even though the weather was crappy, I felt good.  I took my gel at the "scheduled" time even though I didn't feel like a bonk was anywhere near on the horizon.  Then, as usual, I looked down at my watch to see 7.57 miles when I started feeling a little tired (probably, now looking at my splits, because I ran this mile way too fast).  Instead of letting this beat me, I just cranked it up.  I'm tired of feeling like this at this point when I can't explain it.  Then like magic, I felt great again.  So weird.  Anyway, I felt so damn good approaching the end of this run that I decided to turn up the last mile to see what I could do.  I didn't go all out, mind you, but I did run harder than one should during a long run.  I felt good.  Afterward, my left leg felt a little tight, but nothing major.

My splits were all over the place, but whatever.  I was honestly running this more on how I felt than the numbers on my watch.
Mile 1 - 10:10
Mile 2 - 9:40
Mile 3 - 9:48
Mile 4 - 9:25  <-- oops, a little fast this early on.
Mile 5 - 9:27
Mile 6 - 9:32
Mile 7 - 9:14  <--ahem.
Mile 8 - 9:23
Mile 9 - 9:28
Mile 10 - 9:08

Overall I ran 10.06 miles in 1:35:52.  Average pace: 9:32.

This week I ran a total of 27.31 miles in 4:10:31.  Average pace 9:10.  Yes, a decrease from last week, but this was intended!

I drank a ton of water and I did get in all my freggies.  I ate more than 1 banana, red grapes, grapefruit, mashed potatoes, radishes, spring lettuces, peppers - green, yellow, orange, and red, grape tomatoes, and more in a huge salad.

I did not do the WOW.  I did a forearm plank pre-run, though!

That's me trying to stretch with Calloway.  To him me being on the floor means I must need snuggled!  He purrs SO loudly.

Drinking 64+ oz of water:  1
Eating 7+ servings of fruits and veg:  1
Doing the WOW:  0
Doing 101 minutes of exercise:  10

Total points for today: 12
Total points for Week 3 of the SBBC:  54.5
Total points for the SBBC:  174.5

Did I mention that my half marathon is now LESS than a week away??

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