Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Fear is the Worst Part

Honestly.  The fear of a run (or I guess anything else for that matter) is worse than the actual event.  I was terrified of my run today.  The sheer idea of 10 sets of 400s made me stomach knot up.  They're usually not fun, I usually feel like I'm gonna barf at least once during the process, and when I'm done I'm between elation and agony from the exhaustion and soreness.

But, I woke up this morning, groaned at the sight of freaking SNOW outside again and threw on my clothes so I'd be ready for my run after the kids were safely in school.

I started out with my easy warmup - about 3/4 of a mile - and felt pretty good.  There was some light snow on the ground, but nothing totally slippery.  Then the work started.  Really, I felt pretty good during the first 5 sets.  The second half wasn't so easy.  I had my typical "please stay down, half the bar I had for breakfast" moment somewhere between the 6th and 7th repeat.  When I got to the 8th, I dug deep into some reserve strength I had and told myself (yes, aloud.. haha) "look, there's only 2 more after this one.  You're done.  This is it.  Just a few more minutes and you can slog through a cooldown".  I made it through the last couple and said "thank you God" as I slowed way down and caught a deep breath.  I did it.  Phew.  Was it fabulous fun?  No.  But was it as bad as I lost sleep over thinking it was?  No.  Such is life...  Hey, at least I didn't see any plastic male genitalia today.

Overall I ran 5.24 miles in 44:04.  Average overall pace: 8:24.  I'll take that.

I did a pushup plank today for 5:11.

I did not do the WOW today.  Two reasons: 1) My finicky knee has been, well finicky since my run.  It's not bad, I'm sure foam rolling tonight and just doing a light easy 3 miles tomorrow will work it out, but I didn't want to do all that hopping.  2)  I really don't like the WOW due to all that hopping and after a hard run like today, I have to really like something (planking) to do anything more.  So, I'll suffer the point loss.  No big deal.

I did not take any pics today aside from my screenshot of my plank time, which you can find on Twitter.

So, here's my wrapup for the day and then I'm going to take my tired butt to bed.

Water: Yes.  I'm between 9-10 cups right now.
Fruits and veggies: Yes.  Especially since I ate leftover veggie chowder for dinner.  I also had banana, grapefruit, grapes, pineapple, strawberries, and baby carrots.

Drinking 64+ oz of water: 1
Eating 7+ servings of fruits and veggies: 1
Doing the WOW: 0
Doing 50 minutes of exercise: 5

Total points for today: 7
Total points for this week: 24

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