Monday, March 11, 2013

Training Schedule Week of 3/11/2013-3/17/2013

Week 11/13 of my half marathon training.  Also, week 2 of the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge!

Monday: Stretch and strength day.  I did the new WOW and planked.  I might get in more later.  I'm feeling a little sore from yesterday, but it's not devastating or anything.  Maybe I'll just do some yoga?
Tuesday:  5 miles EASY
Wednesday: 10x400s with 200 recoveries.  W/U and C/D as usual.  This one I'm scared of.
Thursday:  3 miles EASY plus strength
Friday:  REST
Saturday:  5 miles at pace
Sunday:  12 miles LONG  <-- longest run before my half, next week I "taper" down to 10ish.

I'll also be trying to remember to get in the WOW every day as well as my standard planking.  My family is on me about St Patty's Day and the parade n'at (yes, I just went THERE), so my weekend might be a little crazy. I already told them that nothing, not even the hugest glass of Guinness in the world can keep me from my long run on Sunday.  And this is coming from an Irish chick.

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