Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Feelin' Fabulous!

Oh, the hilarity of it all...

Well, I said when I posted my training plan for the week that unless I woke up this morning "feelin' fabulous" that I wouldn't be doing my tempo run today.  Wouldn't you know it, throughout the day yesterday my calf tightness dissipated and when I woke up this morning - yep, I was certainly feeling fabulous.  I honestly was feeling so well I could have forgotten that I ran a big race on Saturday if I didn't think I was still riding a total emotional high from it.  :)

So, tempo run it was.  BUT, I will say that I took it easy.  By that I mean that when I normally do a tempo run I sometimes allow myself to get all crazy with the pace and if I'm feeling better than 10K pace I let myself get faster until I feel like I'm really working.  Today I kept myself under control.  Of course this meant I was gawking at my watch every 10 seconds, but hey, you do what you gotta do.  I did my 10 minute easy warmup at a 9:37 pace, then I did 20 minutes at 8:11 pace (I was shooting for 8:12, so a second off is a win for me, IMO!), and finished up with a 10 minute cooldown at 9:10 pace.  I felt good the whole time and I finished feeling like I had gotten in a good workout but didn't overextend myself.  Woohoo!

Overall I ran 4.58 miles in 40:11.  Yes, I certainly feel fabulous about that!

It was a beautiful, sunny day but as you can see, it was cold.  I'm so over this kind of weather.  I just want it to warm up already!  I also did some side planks.  Red berries and Chobani made me happy this afternoon!

Drinking 64+ oz of water:  1
Eating 7+ servings of fruits and vegetables:  1
Doing the WOW:  0  <-- I know I said I'd do this today but I didn't want to push it after doing the tempo run.
Doing 43 minutes of exercise:  4

Total points for today:  6
Total points for week 5 of the SBBC:  14
Total points for the SBBC:  226.5

Tomorrow I go to the gym for the first time in a while!  I'm actually looking forward to lifting some weights.


  1. Ugh, the gym.. Lemme write your next blog post for you. (feel free to delete this comment.. lol)

    Went to the gym with my hottie husband. He rode a bike; looking like a sweaty elephant sitting on a football. He felt good when it was all said and done though. Then he wanted to show off and started doing the leg press sled. Dayum that boy can push some metal...

    Anyway, I ran like the wind without going anywhere. It would have been ok except some seven foot tall amazon lookin skeezer rolled all up on me. Can I just say that I DETEST stinky bitches? I don't mind BO, that I understand, I've been married to a guy who has resembled a skunk at times... Anyway, this broad rolls in, starts trotting along then the smell hits me. First it was a whiff of shibreeze, that nasty kind that makes your nose curl. There was also some vile lavender sprunt involved. Granted, not as bad as the thing at walmart the other day, but still. I'm trying to breathe here people. Give it a break. Don't hose yourself down at the gym. Sweat and stink happens. If you've got half a brain you're wearing something that has odor inhibitors in the fabric. Anyway, I've never been so glad to lift quick and run in my life. However, the man meat around that place... MEEEOW!! My hubby shoving that sled around, just yummy... Glad he's working on his leg strength, I just love it when he holds me while we..... oops, did I just say that? Sorry.

    Back to reality, the gym sucks unless you're after stinky geriatrics. Not the piss soaked lovable kind either, the stinky 50+ crowd that dresses and acts like they're in their 20s. Just yuck. Glad I go to the park on Saturday. I can enjoy the fresh air. Can do without the pretentious ass bags that run around looking all snooty but they can't help it. They're probably all just golf assholes anyway.


    Nuts - Out. :)

  2. LOL. Accurate description, albeit a bit extreme. Keeping it. :P

    1. You do with it what you want to do... I'll just keep adding my thoughts on a regular basis. Fresh perspective keeps things fresh.

      And there's nothing extreme... I've stunk, and I detest stenchy bimbos at the gym. Questions? Nahhh... didn't think so