Sunday, April 21, 2013

Lemon Lime Gatorade

Warning:  this post contains copious amounts of griping.  Read at your own risk.  No, I am not on the rag or drunk.

Well, I tried it on my long run as planned.  Win, win win.  No bonking, no feeling like crap other than a minor leg tightness thing that came and went.  I finished my run feeling fanfreakintastic and could have went farther if I wanted to.  Who woulda thought?

Oh, hi.  This is the first thing I've written all week.  I have a few reasons for that.

First.  Boston.  I know I mentioned in Monday's post about praying.  Yep.  Been a lot of that for the victims, their families, the witnesses, the EMS workers, and everyone else involved.  However.... and here's where you can hate me forever, but I don't care - this week has also brought out the extreme cheese/fakeness/snark of the interwebs.  Good Lawd.  I should have smelled it coming, but it was like a big race (pun not intended, actually) to see who can put up the quickest but most "eloquent", well written post up about their feelings.  People were getting bitched at on Twitter because of their auto posts, or posting about anything other than the bombing with links to blog posts, instagram photos of quaint collages of crying, prayers, etc.  If you weren't part of this huge mob of mourning, then somehow you were doing something wrong.  Then came the donations and every website has a t-shirt or something for sale... Upload this, pin that, write this.

Don't get me wrong here.  I'm not heartless.  What happened was damned terrible, but I'm sorry, life has gotta move on at some point.  Two of my children and my husband were in a serious auto accident this week.  We weren't totally in the market for buying a new vehicle right now so we are scrambling financially.  I've been really focused on getting life back on track around here.  So, I haven't been up on every Facebook thread, every instagram post, pinning cute memes, or writing long, drawn out, overly emotional blogs.  Really, what is there to say?

Here's my official Boston post:

Fuck Terrorists
/end post

That said, I want to know when we're going to institute a ban on high capacity pressure cookers.  They are obviously more trouble than they are worth, and really you don't need one.  You can use your oven or your microwave or even a toaster to cook with.  Building a campfire is there as well.  Although maybe we need some more background checks for buying kitchenware.  And no more home shows or events where you can buy this stuff quickly...  I know you've got a recipe you want to prepare tomorrow, but give it the couple days of waiting for the paperwork to get done, just to make sure you really need it and are capable of using the appliance.  Because you're not a grownup unless the establishment tell you so.
/end rightwingconservativenutjobstatement

If you need to go change your diaper because I said something you didn't like, get on with it.  That's another thing I have to complain about however I will do it later, I think.  Blogging fakeness.  This goes for fit blogs, foodie blogs, running blogs, mommy blogs, cooking blogs, homesteading blogs, and everything you can think of.  I've been blogging on and off since most folks out there have been crawling - I've blogged on sites that no longer exist. I've blogged back when blogs were just digital diaries (anyone remember when LiveJournal came out and it was a big novel concept to have a site where you could connect to other blogs?  ROFL!!), which honestly is what I'm trying to reclaim here for myself after a couple years absence.  I have no intention of "building my brand" (that just sounds like a fart description anyway), or becoming the next online sensation, or having some corporation send me free crap in exchange for me writing rave reviews for them.  I won't pay for someone to do the upkeep on my site and I'm not going to pretty it up for anyone but me.  I'm here for ME and my family, and I am a real person with real thoughts living a real life and making real decisions and having real feelings.  MY life is not perfect, and honestly I don't want it to be.  I say fuck, I drink at least once a week, and I eat dessert every day.  I don't always cook from scratch or 100% organic.  I have more than 1 box of generic mac and cheese in my cupboards right beside the organic chia seeds.  I'm also Catholic, conservative, realistic, cynical, redneck, and a momma bear if tested.  Both Glenn Beck and Courtney Love played a role in changing my life and bringing me to Jesus.  I can't be on the internet 24 hours a day checking in with everyone and everything on 100 different websites.  And I don't want to.  That's some of the most ridiculous crap I've ever heard.  That said, I still have an affinity nearly a decade later for World of Warcraft and consider most of my friends to be the Aussies I've met on my server (which was US before it was Oceanic, back when if you wanted "in" for the night you had to log in by 3pm or you'd be screwed).  I'm a crappy photographer and am ok with that.  I enjoy the show Welcome to Myrtle Manor and fantasize about living there someday when I'm old and crazy.  You don't like it?  Cool - hit the X in the corner, I probably don't like you, either.  But I'm not going to put on some front and act like life is all roses and cherries and fall into some sheep mentality because "that's what everyone else is doing".  I've just seen so much cheese this past week I thought I was going to drown in the Velveeta.  Which is delicious about twice a year.  I'm more than well aware that it is not "real food".

Bottom line.  Mean people suck.  People are assholes.  People are fake.  The world is going to hell in a pretty little handbasket.  Good morning America.  Wake up and smell the Maple Nut Crunch.

Ok, so my workouts this past week were honestly freaking AWESOME.  I've wanted to post them, but you know I felt like I couldn't.

Tuesday:  I did my easy 5 miler, a WOW, and a reverse plank.  Total workout time:  62 minutes.  Yes to veggies, yes to water.

I wore my JASR shirt.  It's my favorite race shirt so far.  Oh, and that's Garrett my cute little ham.

Wednesday:  45 minute tempo run.  Totally rocked it.  Beat my fastest 5K time AGAIN (24:04 in case you wanna know).  Opted not to do a WOW, but I did plank as usual.  Yes to both water and the freggies.  Total workout time: 51 minutes.

Huge woodchuck I saw at the park I ran in.  I talked to it and it listened.  I'm like the Cesar Milan of woodchucks.  Yes, that is what I go through while doing a forearm plank - Calloway just needs to be there.

Thursday:  Well, my original plan was to go to the gym, but shit happened and I ended up not getting there.  I wasn't sad about it because the weather was gorgeous.  I just did a Run To The Finish Weights workout at home later.  Plus a WOW and plank, of course.  It was a good day.  Yes to water and freggies again.  Total workout time:  76 minutes.

Friday:  Rest day.  I did do a WOW and my side planks.  Total workout time:  14 minutes.  Yes to veggies and water.
I may or may not have had more than 1 of those IC Lights on Friday night.  Oh, and Moar Calloway!

Saturday:  5 pace miles in ridiculously windy conditions.  Felt pretty good, though!  I also did a reverse plank, and got my water in.  No WOW, but whatever.  I got my freggies in!  Total exercise time:  46 minutes.

Sunday:  The MOST amazing 11+ mile run EVER.  Seriously.  I kept everything the same as ever - down to my beloved Espresso Love at mile 5 - except I used original Lemon Lime Gatorade instead of blue G2 like I had been.  I did do the standard 1/2 and 1/2 solution in my Amphipod as I usually do.  No 7-8 mile bonk, no dead feeling, no gawking at my watch and lamenting to myself about how long I had left.  Just one wonderful run on a freaking gorgeous day.  And yes, as promised I laughed my butt off (and still am) over the fact that I switch in Gatorade of all things seemed to make a difference.  I also got in my water and freggies.  No WOW.  I'm cool with that.  Total workout time:  111 minutes.
Garrett and Tori waiting on the T, plank time and an awesome run.

Well, I should tally up my points here.  I also want to say that I am not in support of this going out another week.  But, I'm in the minority.  Whether or not I decide to add up points, etc this coming week is really up in the air.  I don't know... Again, I can't be on the interwebs all the time and I feel like this is a big part and it's incredibly frustrating. I have other issues with the challenge, but I will save that for another day.

Drinking 64+ oz of water:  6
Eating 7+ servings of freggies:  6
Doing the WOW:  3
Doing 360 minutes of exercise:  36

Total points for Tuesday-Sunday:  51
Total points for week 7 of the SBBC:  56
Total points for the SBBC:  368.5

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