Saturday, April 13, 2013

Points Update

This is just an update of Thursday and Friday's points.  I've had a very stressful couple of days and am currently trying to fight off this wicked sore throat so it doesn't turn into something more.  I don't want to get into everything, but I've had kid drama, neighbor drama, mother in law drama, etc.  It has just been a lot to handle.


Thursday was my gym day.  I got in an easy run on the treadmill (well, as easy as mill runs go) and then hit the weights.  I got through my whole weights routine and felt great.  When I got home, I even did the WOW and my planking.  I felt like a real badass.  Thursday was a dang good day.

Rawr.  I also got in my water and my freggies!

Yesterday was my high drama day, but I did get in a WOW (I chose WOW 4 for something different) and a reverse plank.  I'm glad it was my rest day yesterday.  I'd probably be worse off than I am now if I had a big run or other workout.  But, I ate like shit, didn't hydrate as well as I normally do (although I did get the 64+ oz in... I just always try to really push water if I'm eating out - hello sodium!), and was just under a lot of stress....

Friday's activity.

I did get in all my water and fruits and veggies, surprisingly (thanks salad bar?  I tried my best.).... 

Points for Thursday and Friday:
Drinking 64+ oz of water:  2
Eating 7+ servings of freggies:  2
Doing the WOW:  2
Doing 95 minutes of exercise:  9.5

Total points for Thursday and Friday: 15.5
Total points for week 6 of the SBBC:  37.5
Total points for the SBBC:  293.5

Today I'm headed out to run no matter what.  No sore throat will hold me back!

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