Sunday, April 7, 2013

SBBC Week 5 Wrapup!

So sue me, I've gone many days without posting again.  Never fear!  I've just had some late nights lately.  (WOW addiction - been playing my DK a lot)

Physically, I'm doing great.  I had a slight return of this hip "thing" (and on my rest day, no less!), but I think I've narrowed it down to slight sciatica and/or piriformis inflammation, because I can feel it when I foam roll on my rear/side area and then it is gone.  It's almost like if things get shifted in a particular way, there's a pinch that just needs relieved.  So, I'm not really worried about it at this point.

Where did I leave off?  Oh, Thursday.

Thursday was a gym day.  I did 3 easy miles on the treadmill (although I'm coming to find that my treadmill runs are the hardest of all... I hate the treadmill) and then got into the weights.  I felt great!  I did my standard weights routine, didn't increase anything since I'm still in "recovery", and just had a good workout.  I did a reverse plank, and overall exercised for 72 minutes.  I got in my water but not all my freggies and I did not do the WOW.  Oh well.

Friday was my "rest" day.  I did do the WOW and a forearm plank.  Overall exercise time was 16 minutes.  I got in all my water AND those fruits and veggies (smoothies really help).

Saturday I set out to run 4 miles at HM pace (wanted to keep it around 8:40ish).  It was a pretty day and I was really looking forward to running in capris and a t-shirt, but of course it couldn't have been an easy task.  My watch had the hardest time syncing to the satellite!  Now, if it were just an easy run, I would have just gone without it, but since I was trying to hit a certain pace, I really needed it.  I got all ticked off and started heading back to the car, and wouldn't you know it finally synced up.  So, I ran.  The run went ok, but by then I was all frazzled, my mind wasn't really in the right place and I went from running right on pace to way too fast to on pace to too fast, etc.  I had trouble keeping it steady.  But I got it done, and my overall pace came out ok, and it felt wonderful to just be outside on such a beautiful day.  I did a pushup plank, too, but no WOW.  Overall exercise time was 40 minutes.  I got in all my water and my fruits and vegetables.

Long run Sunday!  I was able to get out in 64 degree weather and ran 10 miles.  It felt pretty darn good (although I realized that when it is warmer, I drink a lot more during my run).  The first lap felt easy peasy. Then I pushed the pace a little hard on the second and had to keep bringing that back down, so I had a rough patch that I needed to push through, but no biggie.  I ended the run feeling really good, and after I threw my compression socks on I was able to go about my day.  I did some side planks, and got in my water.  I think I fell 1 short on my freggies, so I'll lose that point.  Oh well.  Overall exercise time was 98 minutes.

Drinking 64+ oz of water: 4
Eating 7+ servings of freggies:  2
Doing the WOW:  1
Doing 226 minutes of exercise: 22.5

Total points for Thursday-Sunday:  29.5
Total points for Week 5 of the SBBC:  43.5
Total points for the SBBC:  256

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