Sunday, April 14, 2013

SBBC Week 6 Wrapup!

Only 1 week left of the challenge!  That went fast!?

Saturday I had 5 miles at HM pace on the schedule.  It.... went.  I'm not going to say that it was a terrible run, because I came in under time and I didn't feel too bad.  However, it was a cloudy, windy, mostly chilly day, I forgot my gloves (my hands get cold wicked easy), my GPS took forever to sync up, and my pace went from one extreme to the other a million times over.  It was just an uncontrolled mess.  Sure, like I said, I came in under time.  But I didn't really accomplish the goal of the run - 5 miles at a consistent pace - so I was just feeling a huge dose of fail.

I did get in a forearm plank and got in all my water and freggies.  I've been better about the freggies this week, I think.  I'm back to keeping a huge salad bowl in the fridge again and I think that really helps.  It's already done, it's quick and easy.  Why I keep falling off that bandwagon I don't know.  All the prep work is always worth it.

Today I planned to run 10.5 miles.  I remembered (at the last minute) my gloves, which I was thankful for because I did need them those first couple of miles.  As usual, the first loop went great, and then I had some ups and downs on the second.  I lost control of my pace a bit and struggled to keep it as slow as it should have been.  There were a TON of people at North Park today and that really sucked.  I didn't mind the runners, the walkers, the excessive amount of dogs, or the stroller traffic.  I DID mind the large amount of vehicle traffic due to fishermen.  Most of them couldn't be bothered to look before backing out of parking spaces, or move over a little in the lane to give me (and others) room to run.  At one point a car played chicken with me and the guy running in front of me and we both had to jump off the road into the little muddy ditch beside it.  I wobbled my ankle a bit and was really pissed off about it.  He could have moved over and not ridden the line like an asshole.

Anyway... after that fun I just didn't feel right.  I had taken my GU at my normal time - 5 miles - and felt really good until 7.61 miles on my watch.  Then, like I have so many times, I felt like crap.  My hip/butt "thing" also started acting up around this point.  And, as typical, around 9 miles and change, it all went away and I felt fine again.  I told Nick that this happens to me (that "bonk") on most every long run.  The only time I know that it didn't happen was during JASR.  I've thought and thought about what was different... other than just race adrenaline, of course.  The only thing that I know I did differently was drink REAL Gatorade that was on the race course.  On my training runs I drink a 50/50 concoction of G2 (Low calorie, low sugar) and water.  I'm wondering if the "real" original sugary Gatorade made the difference?  So, when I do my grocery shopping this week I'm going to buy some of the old school stuff and try it during next week's long run to see if that's it.  I'll laugh my butt off if I'm right.  If not, back to the drawing board.

As for my hip/butt, it is a bother, but its not pain.  Just like before.  So, I'll be stretching/rolling, etc.  I am hopeful that it is because I've had a couple tough runs (today and yesterday) where at some point during both I was running way faster than I should have been and that a rest day tomorrow from running will make it go away.

Before my run today I did a pushup plank.  I definitely got all my water in and I got my freggies in too (vegetable stew leftovers for lunch and a big salad with dinner helped).  :)

Points for Saturday & Sunday:
Drinking 64+ oz of water:  2
Eating 7+ servings of veggies and fruit:  2
Doing the WOW:  0
Doing 153 minutes of exercise: 15

Total points for Saturday and Sunday:  19
Total points for Week 6 of the SBBC:  56.5
Total points for the SBBC:  312.5


  1. Isn't it so annoying when people don't move over? Good job getting it done, though!

  2. Ugh sometimes I get impatient with peeps...I did it at my 5k this Saturday when I told people to move over lol. Great week!