Sunday, May 19, 2013

Checking In (taking mind off Pens game)

Not a whole lot is happening, but there are some things that I can update you on.

I ran 26 miles this week.  I ran my standard 5 days... today's run was 10.2 miles and went pretty well.  I say pretty well because it probably would have went really well if I would have had my pre-long run coffee.  Unfortunate circumstances led me not to have that coffee this morning and believe me I felt it.  I realized that I must be hella addicted to caffeine because once I took my Chocolate Raspberry Roctane at mile 5 I felt normal again.  ha!  Until then it felt like I just couldn't get into a groove.  Oh well.  These things happen.  It was a beautiful day and I was able to run on the resurfaced part of the trail.  I can't decide if I love it or not.  Part of me thinks it feels like running on a gravel parking lot and another part thinks that just might be cool.  I saw the cute little geese family (5 babies) again so that made my morning.

Speaking of morning, I've been getting up before everyone else does and getting my run in early these past few days.  It's definitely getting warmer in the mornings and I'd rather not die of heat exhaustion.  Last summer I did this too, so it is what it is.

After "test driving" the Polar FT7 with H1 transmitter I bought recently, I'm sadly returning it.  I don't know whether I got a crap sensor or that I'm just too little for the strap or what but I can't seem to get this thing consistently working for me.  I've tried every little trick I could find but it's just so inconsistent.  I don't need yet another thing to fiddle around with and worry about during a run, either.  I'm planning on exchanging it for the sensor that works directly with my Nike+ Sportwatch.  And, if that doesn't work either then screw it.  I guess I don't need to worry about my heart rate.  lol.

One thing I would like to talk about is possibly joining a training group.  Elite Runners is starting their Fall marathon and half marathon training groups soon.  It's a decent price for what you get.  They are planning on doing the Columbus marathon/half marathon but say that you can train with them for a local race as well (aka Buffalo Creek - my planned race).  I had a fleeting moment of considering Columbus, but I'm just not comfortable leaving the kids like that for a race.  Seems a little selfish?

Anyway, I'm thinking this would give me a resource of people who more than likely know a hell of a lot more about running than I ever will, a group of people to train with on those long runs, and just some support and guidance.  This would be my 3rd half, so I'm not new new, but still new-ish in my mind.  I had a split second of stupidity of considering a full marathon, but I know I'm better off waiting until 2014 to tackle that.  And let's face it, it would also be good for me from a social aspect because Lord knows I'm lacking in the adult real life friend department.  I don't know.  They also have a yearly option that is a great deal too.  And I'd get discounts at the store I already shop at, discounts on races I'm already thinking about doing, etc.

I think I keep talking myself out of it for what reason I really don't know.  I mean, I obviously can train and complete (decently) a half on my own.  I've already done it twice.  But I could definitely use some pointers before I do something stupid and either crash and burn or hurt myself or both.  And I've learned from the two half marathons I have already completed that it is more fun and less work even to run with people than without.

I'll keep thinking about it.

I've still been lazy about the gym.  I did an at home weights workout this week, but I really need to get back on some machines.  I've been looking at another more local gym because driving clear up to the North Hills is honestly a big downer.

Other than that, I'm just hanging in there.  I'm feeling really great.  I'm enjoying the easy running on the local trail again.  Part of me feels guilty for not doing speedwork and I worry about losing fitness and agility but I probably shouldn't.

So, to join a group or not - that is the question.  Oh, and the other question is - Kennywood season passes or no?  Worth it?  Hmmm...

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