Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pittsburgh Kids Marathon 2013

I was really excited when Victoria told me that she wanted to do the kids marathon.  I'm always looking for ways to keep her active other than her twice a week gymnastics class, so when she expressed an interest in running, I was elated.

What I wasn't prepared for was the fact that she said she wanted to do it herself.  She did not want either me or Nick to run with her.  I can respect that and give her mad props, but as a parent I was a little nervous about her being alone.  It ended up being just fine, though, the kids were well taken care of through it all.

Anyway, I guess I should start this "recap" on Friday evening.  Remember that I was super tired and had walked around an expo most of the earlier part of the day.  When Victoria got home from school, she asked me to go run a mile with her so she knew what it was like.  I was definitely NOT too tired for that.  1 mile wasn't going to kill me or ruin me for my race, that's for sure and running with my little girl was something I've wanted to do for a while!

So we got ready and headed down the street to the park.  I told her that I was only going to go as fast as she wanted to go.  She got to make the decision how fast, where to turn, and if we needed to walk some.  She was ok with that and I started up my gps, which she just felt so cool about.  lol

I was surprised by her ability!  I didn't know that she would make it a mile, but she did!  She only asked to slow down one time and then wanted to go quicker again.  All said and done, we got through 1 mile in a little over 12 minutes.  Not bad for a first timer!  It felt good to give my own legs a little shakeout too, I'll admit.  ;)

Saturday morning we had to have a little bit of an early start.  Vincent was headed to church camp and had to be at the church by 7:30.  Knowing that they were shutting some of the North Side streets down on account of the 5K happening, we thought there might be some delay in traffic.  Thankfully there wasn't.  We were even able to head back home for a little bit before going down to PNC park near the starting line.  We got there just as they were setting the corrals up.  It was very well organized.

Tori before the race.  She was so proud to be wearing a bib.  :)

Her corral.  By the time the race started this area was packed!

She was in wave 10, as you can see above, so it was going to be quite a wait.  They were starting corrals every 3 minutes or so.  About half way through, a gave her a big hug and wished her luck and then headed over the bridge downtown to the finish line.
We got a pretty good spot.  Actually being here at the finish line gave me the jitters for my own race.

It wasn't long before I spotted the hot pink outfit and funky headband coming down the street.  She zipped by so fast I was lucky to get this pic of her crossing the finish line.  When she heard us screaming "Go Tori!" she gave the biggest smile.

There she goes!

I walked along side the finishing chute watching her take in the post race atmosphere of drinks, bananas, goody bag and medal handouts.  I'm going to come right out and admit that I cried a bit.  This was one of my proudest moments ever.  My baby girl ran her first race and obviously had a great time doing it.

Security was great.  They kept the kids in a parent meetup area separated by name and you had to show them your "Kid Claim" ticket so that they could compare it to their bib.  Then they released them.  This was awesome.

We headed over to the finish festival where the kids immediately got in line for the bouncy obstacle thing.  haha.

I must say that I was more impressed with the contents of Victoria's goody bag than the one I got.  Big bag of Dole Chia Clusters, Kennywood ticket voucher, baseball ticket voucher, blinky clip on running light among other things?  Awesome!

Victoria with her medal.  Garrett had to be in the pic too.

All in all it was a great time and now Tori says she wants to start training for a 5k.  Her ultimate goal (she says) is to be able to run a Halloween one in a costume.  Hey, a kid's gotta have priorities.  So, I'm thinking about starting her on a c25k type thing?  I mean, she obviously can already run 1.2 miles.  I just don't want her to start going too hard too soon.  I learned that on my own.  lol

Congratulations Victoria on a fantastic first race!  Welcome to the running club!

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