Monday, May 6, 2013

So let's see...

It's been a while, eh?

Well, I've had a lot going on in that big bad thing we like to call the real world.  For me, when I have a lot of  real life situations happening, the first thing that gets cut is interwebs.  People who are close to me and know me know how to keep in touch.  I just like to put all my energy into the situations that truly require it.  Blogging/instagramming/twittering/etcing just don't fit into my scope of "real life importance".

This is honestly the first day in quite a while I've had more than 10 minutes to think in front of my computer.  So I'll give updating my best shot.

First of all - Happy Monday!  :)

Since my last post, so much has happened.  I believe that I had mentioned that 2 of my kids and my husband were in a car accident.  Well, since the van was a total loss, we had to go on the undertaking of a new vehicle.  That's always a crappy time.  I hate car shopping.  It's like pulling teeth to find a reputable dealer that isn't drooling over you and jerking you around.  I understand its all a business, but damn.  When I walk in somewhere just interested in a price I don't want to spend 2 hours with you going over a million things, filling out forms and going on test drives.  I can assure you that I've done research and pretty much know what I want and what I don't.

Bleh.  So, anyway, it took quite a bit of time and frustration but we got a replacement van.  It's pretty much similar to the one we were driving before.  It doesn't have a DVD player, which the kids were a little huffy about, but to be honest the DVD was a huge source of drama during some trips anyway.  Getting three kids to agree on a movie and a volume level isn't always easy.  But they'll get over it.

All three kids (plus husband, so make that 4 kids) aquired some nasty chest cold/virus/plague.  I wanted to put myself in a freaking bubble.  The youngest even got sent home from school after spiking a fever and vomiting.  Great times.

Somehow I was able to escape total devastation of this plague.  I had a sore throat for a couple of days, but went to my trusty Cold eez lozenges and Emergen-C Immune+ and it went away quickly.  What ended up happening to me was getting a mild UTI.  Again, great times.  I'm more susceptible to these than the average person due to all the fiddling with my insides that my OBGYN did during my last c-section.  I get a couple a year.  I try to catch them early before they go crazy.  I've gotten really good at being able to tell even the night before if I might wake up with one.  It's a sick game, but whatever.  I'd like to send a shout out and thank you to the makers of Cipro.  I'm one of your biggest fans.  Also to the makers of Northland 100% Cranberry Juice.  You are delicious.

My little girl celebrated her 8th birthday!  We had lots of Monster High fun.
The Star Wars cups were for the boys.

We went to Steelers Fan Fest at Heinz Field.  I am sorry to say that I was largely unimpressed by it.  I'm glad our tickets were comped and I didn't pay for them because I would have been really upset.
Garrett hanging out.

I got a new play toy!!  I've been moderately interested in heart rate and anaerobic vs aerobic fitness, so after much research I got a Polar FT7!  It came in the mail last week, and I put it on a couple of times but I haven't worn it out on any runs or anything else lately.  I'm planning on giving it a proper test drive this coming week.
I love getting presents in the mail!!

We went on a "daytrip" to see the kids grandma and realized that we can no longer consider 3ish hours according to the GPS to be a "short trip".  Back when we were young and childless we could do this and even when the older 2 were infants we could do this.  However, at 3, 6, and 8 years old this is just impossible.  We have to stop CONSTANTLY for everything from fighting to drinks to snacks to potty breaks to other random silliness ("I dropped my crayon where I can't reach it and if you don't stop right now and get it for me I'm going to throw the biggest screaming tantrum in the world and leave you writhing in pain from a migraine that feels like your head is going to explode").  This on top of gas stops and Nick's diabetic needs and the trip just gets longer and longer.  Getting home at 4:30 AM 2 days before a major race was not my idea of a good time.  Especially when the trip really wasn't for pleasure.  I don't want to get into it any more than that, but lets just say a major part of the drama over the past 2 weeks was family related.

My last week of training and my taper week went wonderfully.  Really.  With all that was going on around me I still stuck to my training plan and got it done.  I ran strong, I ran hard, and then I backed off (or at least tried to) when I needed to.  I felt awesome.  You can read up more on the specifics of my runs on DailyMile if you're so inclined.

Then race weekend happened.  And I will get into that in another post or 2.  I will give you a brief summary, though:

1.  The expo was "ok".
2.  The kids marathon was AWESOME and I am ridiculously proud of Victoria.
3.  My second half marathon went so great I'm still having trouble processing what happened.  I want to get to writing the recap even just on paper first so I don't forget all the awesomeness.  Yes, I PRed. ;)

So, that's a lot of what has been happening in a nutshell.  I'll get on to writing about race weekend and then for my plans for the future.

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