Monday, June 10, 2013

Another Happy Monday!

I'm in a "think positive" mood today (for the most part - we'll see when Nick gets home.. haha).  I'm getting things done.  So far today I have hit the kitchen, the living room and done an abs workout.  I'm going to do some cooking as well and get some meals out of the way for the next couple of days.

But first - how about I do a little weekly update for the first time in a while?  :)

 It was a busy week, which it always is the last couple of weeks of school.  All the assemblies and awards ceremonies and this and that.  It's an exciting but draining time.

I've pretty much updated through Wednesday in previous posts, so I won't rehash.  Thursday I headed to the gym for my strength training and treadmill run.  I know I just said I wasn't going to get into speedwork for a while but DJ Bill Bara from came out with a new interval training mix and I was dying to try it.  Especially since it utilized one of my favorite songs right now - Radioactive by Imagine Dragons.  The workout included a warmup, 8 sets of 2 mins @ 5K pace with 3 mins recovery, and a cooldown.  It was really great!  I felt fantastic and ended up getting over 6 miles in on the mill instead of my planned 5.

After my interval workout, I did 48 minutes of weight lifting followed by a good stretch.  Luckily, they remodeled my gym so it's not as bad now.  It's still not great, but it does what I need it to do without having to pay LA Fitness's ridiculous prices.

Other than planking on Friday, I didn't do a formal exercise.  The kids had their end of the year concert in the afternoon and we went to that and then took them out of school afterward.

Speaking of planking, I have sad news.  Somehow, due to Twitter error or whatever, my official #PlankADay streak is over.  :(  I don't know what happened, but I do know that I planked every single day and posted my times.  So, boo on that.  Am I still going to plank every day?  Yes.  But I won't be annoying everyone with the daily tweets I guess.  I do have to say it's a mixed blessing.  It's kind of nice not to have yet another thing to worry about... lol.

Saturday I got up at the crack of dawn again and got a little over 5 miles in.  It was a little cooler so I was able to pick up the pace a little bit and still keep my heart rate low, which was nice.  On my way back home I tripped over an uneven manhole.  I didn't fall, thank goodness.  I was able to steady myself and keep running.  And to the dude that took the opportunity to chuckle at me and not even ask if I was ok - screw you and your beer belly.

After my run, we walked down to the Arts Festival for a bit.  The kids made some boats out of garbage thanks to the Children's Museum and some other stuff at random booths.  Of course the coolest thing was watching the fountain again.  It's hard to believe it's been off since 2009!  Pictures of the city look complete again.  I know that sounds funny, but it looked so odd without it.

When we were done at the Arts Festival, we headed out to the Montour trail for a little walk.  We had to burn the calories from the fried Oreos, funnel cake, and caramel apples.  We usually don't eat things like that, but sharing a couple of things once in a while is good.  We had a good little stroll.
Both boys wanted to pic daisies.  How could I say no?

Sunday I had my "long" run.  I planned on 8 miles but ended up going a little longer, of course.  It was only 61 degrees outside but 96% humidity sucks.  Not only does it totally trash my hair (lol) it makes it just harder to do much of anything.  I kept control of my pace and heart rate for the most part... I did have a couple spikes here and there but nothing that lasted too long.  Around the 7 mile point I had that damned hip/butt/thigh tightening or locking or whatever the hell it is happen.  It only lasted about a half a mile, but it was annoying all the same.  Otherwise, it was a fine run and I felt really great afterward!

Sunday afternoon we went to South Park to let the kids play around a bit.  We were going to hit the Strip District for the Saint Anthony Festival but it was just crazy when we got there and decided that it wasn't worth the trouble we were having.

So, that was more or less my week.  I got just under 30 miles in and had a lot of fun with the kids.  I feel fantastic, like I've said before, so I'm loving it all.

This week I have a lot to do so I'll be pretty busy.  The kids are on vacation officially the afternoon of the 13th!  I also have to do some meal planning, shopping, food prep, scheduling, projects, and oh, yes, I'll be running.  More than likely at the crack of dawn just like I have all this week.  It works out for the best - it's cooler, I get done before everyone is truly up and at em for the day so it's not in the way of anything, and it (usually) puts me in a good mood.

Summer is truly on the way!  Happy Monday!

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