Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Peek A Boo!

Yes, it's been quite a while since I've posted.  I don't know why, but I think it's mainly because I've felt like I've been in a holding pattern of sorts with nothing to really post about.  I've been running, and it's been (mostly) good.  I've had some crap runs here and there, but who doesn't.

I noticed that I was starting to have little twinges and niggles here and there on a more frequent basis.  Nothing serious, and they didn't stick around, but I realized this was the same thing that happened the last time I needed to buy new shoes.  My Adrenalines do have around 400 miles on them.  So, I headed to my favorite store - Elite Runners and Walkers.  I took my current shoes with me and was told that I was wearing them out perfectly and that I should stick with the same thing.  So, I got another pair, only in a cool new color.  Bright freaking green on them!  Woohoo!  And I'll tell you, I can definitely tell that my "old" shoes are worn after having these babies on.


Now we're just about into summertime.  The kids only have a few days of school left and we're trying to pin down a schedule of events, so to speak, to get us through.  I don't know about anyone else's kids, but when mine just sit around the house all day, nothing good comes of it.  By that I mean, someone's getting beat up, something is getting broken, I'm constantly cleaning something up, acting as a short order cook, or playing referee over who's turn is it to pick the TV show or the Wii game or whatever.  My kids are only good for very short periods being cooped up in the house.  And no, for those who are wondering, I can't just "send them outside to play", because living here we have no yard (only a concrete "patio" if you can call it that) and out front we have a busier than you'd think street.

Speaking of "living here" after weighing all the options and where we are/were vs where we wanna be we decided to renew our lease here another year.  It's not ideal by any means, but truth is that sometimes Nick and I like to romanticize the "country life" when in reality we really do enjoy being in an active atmosphere and all its resources.  Not to mention being away from our families.  We really lie somewhere in between and until we find that, I think we'll be staying where we're at.  We're close to pretty much everything... walking distance to the kids schools, a library, grocery store, dollar store, hospital, the Aviary, PNC park, Heinz Field, downtown... you get the point.  Very convenient.

So back to the summer plans thing.  The big news?  I bought season passes to Sandcastle.  We've already been there twice.  LOL.  We were looking at getting passes for the city pools or county pools and possibly Kennywood, but then we saw the killer deal Sandcastle was offering.  With a Sandcastle season pass you get discounts off Kennywood.  A night riders pass is only like 10 bucks!  We like to do the night rider thing anyway, because its cooler at night, the lines aren't as bad, it saves from the kids getting too tired and cranky (but tires them out enough to want to go to bed easily when we get home), and lets face it - amusement parks always look cooler at night.  So, by getting Sandcastle passes we have pool passes to the max (slides, Lazy River, kids stuff?  Hell yes!) that we can use every day and we can get to Kennywood several times over the summer on the cheap.  For us, this just seemed to be the best deal.

Oh, and I just want to throw out a friendly PSA:  When wandering around a waterpark in the blazing sun, particularly if you're a runner, please for the love of God do not neglect to reapply sunblock to your FEET.  Otherwise, you end up like this:

And that was a day and a half later.  I'll just leave it at the miles I ran the following day were not the most comfortable... Oops.  Lesson definitely learned!

Other than Sandcastle and Kennywood, we're hoping for a successful campout, a trip (or two) to the Cleveland Zoo (we like it better than ours), a visit to the Buffalo farm (yum), and visits to the library, Pirates games, local parks, etc.  Just gotta stay busy.

I do have some more to update on (you can see my Race Schedule for a sneak peek at part of it), but it will have to be later.  Just got a text from the husband that he's on his way home so it's time to gussy up and make it look like I've done more today than drop more money on running stuffs.  Hey, I did wake up at 6 something to go run 5+ miles... that should count for something... haha.  Happy Running and active living everyone!

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