Sunday, July 7, 2013

Here's How I Did

So how'd I do this week with my new plan of action, especially since it was a holiday week?

Well, I think I did pretty well!  I've been trying to eat better (not nearly as much eating out and more logging everything into MFP), and I do feel better for it.

Monday started off a little rough.  I posted that I had a crazy schedule that day and it... was.  I never did get in my strength training, but honestly it was nice to have a whole day off.  Even if it wasn't really "off" because I was doing lots of other real life stuff.

Tuesday I did as I planned - ran for 30 minutes.  I made it 3.27 miles.  It was a humid morning and I got lunged at by a freaky dog and almost hit by a car (the driver had their turn signal on to turn the other way than I was going, but they decided to come at me instead.  Sigh.).  My leg started bothering me literally right at the end, but the rest of the run felt easy.  Afterwards I did some core work (planks) and a circuit with dumbells here at home since I'd missed Monday's strength training.

Wednesday I hit the gym.  I got on the bike for the first time in about forever.  I was sweating buckets, but I got a great 35 minute ride in.  Just under 10 miles!  After the bike, I moved on to the elliptical.  I really hate the elliptical..  I know its the first go-to anyone comes up with when "well, if you can't run then.." but really I can't stand it.  It is nothing like running, nor even a close substitute.  It feels totally unnatural, feels like it is made for someone at least 3 inches taller than me, and kills my feet.  I hate it!!!!  But, I sucked it up and stuck it out for 35 minutes.  3.07 miles.  Super slow.  But done.

Thursday I got up and out the door early to run again.  Since it was early morning on the 4th, there was like no one out.  It was nice to run around and admire the scenery.  Another nice thing?  This was the most painless run in a while!  I only noticed a very minor twinge right at the end, but it went away as soon as it came on.  Yay!  It was terribly humid outside and my HRM barked at me to keep it slow, so I did.  I ran 3.18 miles.  Nice little 4th of July 5K on my own.  ;-)  After my run, I went to the gym to finish my workout. I hopped back on the bike and went.  I will fully admit that this was much tougher than Wednesday's ride since I'd just ran!  So, I was a little slower, but still managed 9.7 miles in 35 minutes.  Then I was on to my strength training.  I got in my full rotation with the exception of the leg press (still don't want to chance it with my leg/ankle).  Again, I was a little weak because I was bonking after just running and riding.  I have to give triathletes all the credit in the world!!  You folks are badass!

For the rest of Thursday my family and I spent a nice 4th of July together.  We ended up going to Sandcastle where we spent most of the time in the Wave pool and the mushroom pool.  It was incredibly crowded, of course, so it was less enjoyable than on non-holiday days and we ended up leaving early.  After having dinner,we headed down to Heinz Field like we do every year.  I really wanted to see Florida Georgia Line and they were no disappointment.  It was a fantastic show!  Speaking of fantastic shows, the fireworks were just as amazing as ever too.  I swear, Pittsburgh has the best fireworks.  I've seen fireworks in a lot of places from small towns to big cities like NYC, Disney World, and no one out there throws off a better fireworks display than here.
Terrible pic of an awesome display.

Friday was thankfully a full rest day.  I say thankfully because we got home really late Thursday night.  Yes, we only live like half a mile from Heinz Field, but we still drove down there that way we'd have a base of operations, so to speak, and just in case the kids were too weary to walk home.  Well, it took an hour and a half after the fireworks were over for traffic to start moving out of the Gold Lots... haha!  I told Nick I could have ran home and back a ton of times.  Oh well, this is something we always expect.  It's always fun times in the parking lots anyway.  Nick ended up meeting someone from the place he went to school out in the boondocks.  Small freakin' world.  Anyway, by the time we got home, we were tired but the kids still wanted to do some sparklers and stuff, so we indulged that for another half hour or so and then we all dragged our butts into bed.  Then we got up and went to Kennywood!  

Saturday I got up and out again on another ridiculously hot and humid early morning.  Can I just get away with saying that I'll never bitch about winter running again?  I was more comfortable running in single digit temps than this crap.  Other than the weather, though, I have nothing to complain about in regards to this run.  I went a little farther because I felt so great - 4.33 miles!  Slow pace again, but again... the weather.  I didn't have any issues at ALL with this run.  I thought in my mind that I felt something in my ankle area right at the end, but I think it was all in my head.

Saturday night we went to Kennywood again.  I heart Kennywood.

Today my initial goal was to run as long as I felt good.  Since I went a little longer than planned yesterday, I told Nick I didn't want to push it and that I was dedicated to trying to accomplish 10K today.  If I started getting pains, I'd stop, but if I felt good I'd get those 6+ miles.  Well, I'm happy to say that I ended up running exactly 6.5 miles with absolutely NO PAIN AT ALL!!  I know I could have gone longer, but I want to be smart about it.  It was really hot again this morning and it was hard to keep my heart rate down, so as usual these days my pace was in the toilet, but I ran pain/niggle/twinge FREE!  Hooray!  I ran for 1:06-ish.  

Since I accomplished that run, I decided to chill for the rest of the day.  Maybe I'll do some core work later, but I'll probably just take it easy.

Overall this week I ran 17.3 miles.  Definitely not the most impressive numbers there, but I think I did well.  

Next week I start a new adventure, which I'll be posting more about either later or tomorrow:  Focus T25.  Bring it on, Shaun T.  Bring it on.

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