Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Just Running to Run

The last two days of running have been AH-MAY-ZING!  I'm truly loving just heading out to run.  That's it... just to run.  I set myself a time limit, so to speak and run how it feels good to me.  I'm not going all out - it is extremely hot and humid, even at 6-7 AM - but I am running at a pace where I feel like I'm getting a decent benefit from it.  I feel great.  What am I getting out of it?  FUN!  I don't care where I go, don't care about my pace, don't care about my heartrate, don't care how far I run.  I'm just getting my workout in and "getting it done" (just like the T25 motto.  Which, I have to be honest here, makes me think of Larry the Cable Guy and "git er done".  ha!).  I'm also getting nearly consistent negative splits.  Without "trying"!  The leg/ankle thing?  Not an issue at all.  I'm not blaming the half assed heart rate training for hurting me, but there is a huge difference in my stride and form when I'm running how I feel comfortable vs how the heart rate monitor is seeming to force me to run to keep the brakes on.  In the end, it is more than likely MY fault for doing it wrong, but I like feeling good when I run and I certainly don't like being/feeling injured.  Will I use my HRM again?  Yeah, sure.  But I'm not going to continue to be a slave to it.  Who knows, I might pick up the whole heart rate method and go hardcore with it sometime.  But right now, it is just not for me.

Focus T25.  Yesterday after my run (a little over 4 miles) I did Total Body Circuit.  I'm still having to modify those spiderman oblique pushups a bit, but that's ok.  That workout is truly a butt kicker and by far the hardest one of the set.  Looking ahead in the program, TBC gets done 2 and even 3 times a week!  Yikes.

Today after my hot and humid 6.1 mile run, I did Speed 1.0.  I don't think I was able to give it the power I gave it last week due to being a bit tired from my run after a terrible night's sleep, but I got it done.  I really sucked at the burpees.  They are probably one of my least favorite exercises ever.  I try to love them, I really do.  Maybe someday.

Me giving a thumbs up after completing a great run and getting ready to push play on Speed 1.0.  I'm rocking my RunnerMom Bondi Band.  :)
The shoes are what I'm using for T25 and training other than running.  They are Nike Free TR.  I love them.  I wish I could run in shoes this light, but unfortunately I need the support of other shoe types.

Speaking of being a "runner mom", I'm really struggling with the kids being on Summer vacation.  They are bored easily and it is not always a great day or time for Sandcastle/Kennywood/Zoo/outdoor activities and it just leads to degenerate fighting and drama.  There simply isn't room in the money and time budget for a big trip away this year, so our "trips" are what we can do in a day.  We don't live in a big place, so keeping them away from each other when they get crazy is almost impossible.  Maybe I'm just in the midst of them being at tough ages (8,6, and 3), but it's been rough around here.  Try getting 3 kids - 1 girl and 2 boys all with different interests - to agree on a movie.  Or game.  Or lunch for goodness sake.  It just doesn't happen easily.  Go ahead and call me a rotten mom or whatever makes you feel better about yourself, but I'm counting the days until school starts again - which from today is 5 weeks and 5 days.  I hope I still have some hair and sanity left by then.

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