Saturday, July 20, 2013

STATurday! Week 2!

Can't believe another week is about done, but hooray for progress!  Here are my stats this week:

Since Week 1:
Weight:  -.7 lbs
Chest:  +.25"
Waist:  no change
Arm:  no change
Thigh:  -.25"
Body Fat:  -2%

Since the start of Focus T25:
Weight:   -1.4 lbs
Chest:   -.75"
Waist:  -.25"
Arm:  +.25"
Thigh:  +.25"
Body Fat:  -1.1%

Very interesting!  I know my arms look more defined for sure and my waist is certainly trimmer.  Just a reminder that I am not trying lose weight.  I am eating a higher number of calories than the base T25 program would recommend to me because I am still running and doing other strength training.  So I am shocked that I have lost nearly a pound and a half, although realistically that could be from a number of things.  However, I will say that it does make the program seem very effective in blasting fat.

Tomorrow is my "long" run and I am looking forward to it.  It was odd (but nice) having a full rest day today.

Before I turn in for the night I want to share a pic of my girl Victoria climbing the wall at REI.  She did great!
She was able to get just a bit higher than this before getting too nervous to go on.  I think she could have made it!  Maybe next time!

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