Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Tasty Tuesday!

Just what are we eating around here?

Well, I think I've made it perfectly clear that I am not using the T25 plan.  Too little calories and not enough of what I need.  I am, however, using the recipes for some meals.  They are delicious, use mostly whole real foods (this is very important), and are easy to make. I am also incorporating meals from the Insanity guide and P90X guide.  I guess if you really looked at it, you could consider me on a modified Insanity plan in general.  I eat 4-5 times a day (always have anyway) and I eat pretty equal quantities of food.  Some days I'll have a heavier meal plan but lighter snacks.  It depends on the day and my workouts, really.  And I always incorporate proper workout fueling and recovery (like the banana I eat before my long run, the 4 oz of Gatorade I mix with my water for during the run and the Hammer gel I use).

Yesterday's lunch.  1 4 oz organic chicken breast grilled and chopped, 1/2 a chopped apple, 1/2 cup cucumber slices, 1 tablespoon of cashews on a heaping mound (about 3 cups) baby spinach.  I did put 1 tablespoon of Fat Free Zesty Italian on this one... Not my favorite, but it was what I had around.

Speaking of dressings, I highly recommend the Citrus Vinaigrette recipe from the Focus T25 Nutrition Guide.  It's good on practically everything without all the crapola that's in standard bottled dressings (refer to the Zesty Italian above.  Fail.)!

Sampling of breakfasts and another lunch.

In the pic above are some of my favorite recipes from the T25 Nutrition Guide.  First is egg whites scrambled and topped with salsa (I love salsa verde) and avocado.   Next is oatmeal (one of my favorite foods ever) with almond butter and blueberries.  I never tried that combination before and now I crave it all the time!  On the bottom there is a salad that is good both cold OR warm with quinoa, red peppers, sweet potatoes, cashews and that yummy Citrus Vinaigrette I talked about before.

As you can see - very simple foods, not a lot of time gets spent actually cooking this stuff (especially if I prep early by pre-chopping veggies or cooking quinoa beforehand, etc) and it is very minimal on the junk.  Please stop reminding me about the Fat Free dressing... I know, I know.  Oops.  Note to self:  Keep a jar of the Citrus Vinaigrette in the fridge at all times.

For dinner, we've been eating lots of fish.  Up until recently, we were pretty much once or twice a week fish people (hey, it works perfectly for Lent!  lol), but now it's almost every night of the week save for probably 2 nights.  My kids have mostly been fans of this - especially Tilapia and shrimp dishes.  They're not big fans of salmon, but even I was an adult before I started acquiring a taste for it, so I can't fault them much.  Last night we had chicken foil packs (which comes from a recipe that's actually in the Focus T25 Fast Track plan, which I also did not do) and those were both simple and delicious.  Tonight we're having baked cod, couscous and a veggie of sorts.  Probably a side salad?

Snacks are fruit, yogurt & berries and/or nuts and granola, hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese, etc.  A big hit around here has been the Salsa Boats recipe from the T25 book - pretty much deviled eggs made by mixing the yolks with salsa instead of your standard mayo/mustard concoction.

Looking at all this, you must be saying "wow, you've made big changes!", but no, not really.  I've eaten pretty similar to this, with some slip ups and fall backs, for quite a while.  All I've really done differently since starting T25/Running Combo is make sure I'm eating consistently through the day and that I'm eating enough.  The one big change has been eating more fish and less beef for dinner.  Another smaller change that's pretty much always been a struggle for me has been eating actual FOOD for all my snacks instead of just grabbing at crackers or pretzels.  Solution?  Just don't buy them.  ;)  It's been great to try some new recipes too.  There are a lot of good ones that come with the nutrition guide.  If you're doing the program but not making use of the nutrition plan like me, go ahead and try some of the recipes anyway.  You might find a new favorite!

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