Saturday, July 27, 2013

Week 3 STATurday!

It is hard to believe but I am now over halfway through Alpha phase of Focus T25!  Two more weeks and it is on to Beta.

I just finished my breakfast and am having my coffee and looking at my progress so far.

Since Week 2:
Weight:   -1.3 lbs
Chest:   -.25"
Waist:  no change
Arm:   +.25"
Thigh:   no change
Body Fat:   -.4%

From the beginning of Focus T25:
Weight:   -2.7 lbs
Chest:   -1"
Waist:   -.25"
Arm:   +.5"
Thigh:   -.25"
Body Fat:   -1.5%

I can tell you that my arms do look bigger.  Not only do they look bigger, they are so strong.  I'm killing those pushups and burpees and punches.  I am still astounded at the amount of fat I am losing.  I don't want to "cheat" and take results pics just yet, but my tummy hasn't been this flat or felt this hard in many years.  I giggle a little to myself every single time I touch my stomach.  A few pairs of pants/capris that I've put on the back burner for a little while because they just didn't make my belly look good or gave me muffin top look great on me now.  My rear end is more sculpted and firm too.  Now, I've said it before and I'll say it again - I'm not going for the weight loss.  In fact, this weeks loss concerns me a bit because a) I've been eating a little more, especially late at night (even though I know better - although I haven't been eating junk... everything has been on plan) because of stress and schedule issues.  b) I've been tired on a couple of the workouts this week and don't feel that I gave as much power as I had previously and c) I even took a rest day as scheduled!  I obviously need to dig deeper and figure out my nutritional needs as things progress.

Needless to say T25 is a very effective program for weight loss and fat reduction.  I'm a little bummed about the slow progress in waist size, but I have to keep reminding myself that I'm losing fat and gaining muscle.

That being said, I feel like I need to give a bit of disclaimer here:  My results might not be what your results will be if you should try the program.  While I am following the T25 plan to the letter (but not the nutrition guide), I am not only doing T25.  I am still running 20+ miles per week (4 days per week of running) and going to the gym 1 day per week for my strength training plan formulated half by a personal trainer and half by my own personal flair.  ;)  I am taking 1 full rest day per week.  I am also one of those fitness junkies that will do crunches, leg lifts, squats, yoga poses, etc during TV shows and movies and while waiting on things to cook in the kitchen.  So my results here are coming from more than just the T25 plan of "25 minutes 5 days a week".  I just don't want anyone to get the wrong impression.

Still loving the program here, and I can't wait to blast through these last 2 weeks!

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