Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where Did THAT Week Go?

This was one of those weeks that for me, went by in a flash.  Wasn't it just Tuesday?

I've been pretty busy with "life things" this week, up to and including almost my entire house being stricken with either a wicked respiratory infection and/or strep.  Ick.  As for me, I've been in the clear for the most part aside from a terrible migraine this afternoon and a little bit of sinus drip.  Knock on wood that's all.  My poor 3 year old has got it the worst and hasn't had a full decent nights sleep in days.  So, as you can guess, neither have I.  I'm pretty tired right now and will probably crawl into my bed after this posting.

First I'd like to recap my week for you!

Tuesday:  I was afraid my run wouldn't happen because my morning was so hectic.  I was up and down and in and out forgetting things and dropping things.  Then when I finally got outside, my watch took forEVER to link up.  Once I was finally running, my headphones started saying "screw you, we don't wanna be in your ears today" so that sucked..  I've really gotta get a pair of those YurBuds.  But, the run didn't turn out bad at all.  The weather was cooler and I felt really good after I just let my cares drift off.  I ended up running 4.11 miles.

When I got back, I did Speed 1.0, which, as I've mentioned before, I really enjoy.  I still hate burpees (don't most people?), but this video is put together so well that you almost don't mind them.

Wednesday:  First of all, I knew when my husband said "ooh, its a little chilly out there this morning" that I was going to have an awesome run.  And I did.  It felt so good!!  I ran 6.19 miles.  Not a bad way to start the morning.

Yes that 425mi is from my original pair of Brooks Adrenaline 13s... I just can't bring myself to retire them for good just yet.  I have heaps of good memories with these shoes!

After that great run, I went home to do Lower Focus, which I was really anxious about doing after running over 6 miles.  I was surprised to discover that instead this was the easiest time I've had yet with this workout!  I really am getting stronger!

Thursday:  My typical routine when I wake up is to flip on my iPhone and check the weather right off.  I about jumped for joy when I saw that it was 54 degrees.  54!  Near perfect running temp in my world.  I dashed out the door and just loved the fact that I shivered during my warmup.  I was still in shorts and a short sleeve even though I saw many other runners out and about wearing everything from capris to long sleeves to vests to tights under shorts!  I like starting off cold - it means when I warm up I'll feel just right.  That's probably why winter running doesn't bother me all that much.  What I wrote on DailyMile about this run is true - it was a fairy tale run... from start to finish it was perfect in every way.  5.13 miles of bliss.

Lucky me, the T25 schedule called for Cardio Thursday morning.  This went just as well as my run did - I'm blaming all those awesome running endorphins for that!

Once I recovered a bit and got everyone ready to go, I went to the gym for my strength training.  Remember me saying that I'm getting stronger?  That was definitely evident here.  I was able to bump up the weight on several machines and I felt fantastic in general.  No straining no aches no pains no weakness... nada.  

Friday:  Round 2 of Total Body Circuit for the week.  I got through it and gave it my all.  Again, I found myself modifying those last few oblique pushups, but I'd rather modify and stay injury free than try to be a hero and mess myself up with crappy form.  This workout is still super tough, but it is getting (marginally) easier.

After TBC, I did Ab Intervals.  Usually this workout is a bit on the easier side for me, but after Total Body Circuit and all those plankwalks and pushups, etc, it was very challenging!  My core was already shredded and asking it to continue to stabilize and work even harder was... well, harder.  haha.

Saturday:  I took a well earned rest day.  And when I say rest, I mean rest.  Everyone was knocked out with sickness and/or meds and either sleeping in bed or just chilling on the couch or the living room floor for most of the day.  I did some cleaning and cooking and random other stuff, but I did a lot of actual resting myself.  I'm not going to feel too guilty about it.  Nick and I watched that Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters movie and I must say that I found it entertaining but quirky.  Would I watch it again?  Probably.

Sunday:  Today I gave myself an hour and 15 minutes to run.  I figured I'd just head down to the North Shore trail and run it out and back and be done.  Well, leave it to me to forget there was a triathlon happening (duh), so when I came upon the Fort Pitt Bridge, I crossed it and headed over to the Point, ran around the fountain, and up the river on that side.  Then I came back across the river to the trail and found myself in the midst of the 10K portion of the tri.  That was fun... lol.  I was nice and stayed out of everyone's way.  They were racing and I was just running so what they were doing was a heck of a lot more important and I didn't mind staying off to the side.  My run went really well, actually.  Aside from feeling weak as hell on the first bridge (I wasn't warmed up yet and just felt sluggish as I tend to do), I perked up and felt very strong.  I've been "hiding" my pace on my watch so I don't see it - just total time and distance - and it has been helpful in keeping me from obsessing and just running by how I feel.  Around the 7 mile point I had a return of that old hip/butt cramping thing I get, but it went away and I felt fine the rest of the run.  Other than that, I felt great and had a good time!  I ran 8.4 miles.

When I got home I did T25 Stretch.  I love this... I can't say it enough.  It feels so good after a run.

I had another great week!  I did all my T25 workouts, got my gym day in, and had some really great runs!  Overall I ran 23.84 miles.  I still look at that and think "that's kinda low", but I have to remind myself that I'm doing a lot more than just running and then I feel better about life.  Next week I'm taking one more step back week because the week after that I start my training cycle for my next big races.  I'll still probably run around 20 miles, but not more than that I don't think.

Nutritionally, this has been a pretty good week.  I've stayed on plan 99% of the time (I've had a bite of one of the kids' ice cream cones and snitched a nibble of a sandwich here and there and I'm ok with that).  I've stayed within my goals and I'm constantly evaluating patterns to see what I need to do differently.  I'm still trying to get used to doing my longer runs on less fuel (1/2-1 banana instead of my old CoCo Wheats concoction) and I do wonder if that factors into the fact that it seems to take me a year to warmup anymore.  I've never eaten this low carb in my life and I must say that it is starting to wear on me a little bit, although I am loving the results.  I used to eat around 65% carbs per day.  Now it's like 48-55%.  I do feel the difference, even though it doesn't seem like a big deal.  I have periods of time where I just want to shove my face in a cake.  But I won't.  I promise.  

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