Saturday, August 10, 2013

GNC Live Well Liberty Mile 2013 Recap

I have been excited about this race because it was the first time I was going to run with my 7 and 8 year olds, Vincent and Victoria!

They both woke up yesterday morning excited.  I kept having to tell them the race wasn't until evening.  haha.  They were so good about getting ready and out of the house in time.  (We left a little after 5, because we were expecting traffic, but there really wasn't much)

We got to Market Square just after packet pickup started.  I really give it to the organizers - everything was set up so well and easy to navigate.  We picked up our bibs and then headed over to shirt and bag pickup.  After some confusion from the volunteer over which sizes where what and where, we got our shirts (which are nice, BTW) and bags.  The bags were full of goodies - drink mixes, water bottle, bandaids, biofreeze, fruit snacks, granola cluster things, pretzels, sunblock, etc.

Nick had dropped us off downtown with the understanding that he was taking Garrett for something to eat and then coming right back.  He was going to park in a garage and then meet us back at Market Square.  So we just hung out there for a while, enjoying the sights and sounds.  The kids were being really dramatic - doing stretches and warmups and such.. it was adorable.  Time ticked by and still no Nick.  I wanted to start heading over to the starting area so the kids and I checked our goodie bags in with Gear Check.  Of course, at luck would have it, as we were walking to the start line, Nick and Garrett showed up.  LOL

Coordinated grey shirts!  hahaha

I love this pic.  They were SO excited.

We got to the starting line and piled in with the growing crowd.  Tori and Vince started getting nervous with all the people stacking up so I explained to them that at the start things would probably be crazy but we would hold hands until we crossed the start line and things opened up a bit.  We would stick together so no one got lost!  

Nice crowd gathered for the mile!

The race started, and just as I told the kids, it was a bit crazy at first.  You had the walkers that lined up in front versus the speed demons coming from clear in the back.  We did as we planned and held hands until just past the start where things calmed down.

Vincent was just so full of energy.  This was his first race and he didn't really know what to expect or do.  He was running from one side of the road to another, doing jumps, etc.  He had so much fun.  I told him to save his energy to be able to run to the finish!  haha.  Victoria did ok at first and then ran out of gas quickly.  She started asking to slow down about a quarter mile in.  Vincent wanted to speed up.  So our struggle was finding a happy medium.  By the time we were halfway done, we'd settled into a nice pattern of Vincent running a bit ahead, me in the middle (so I could still see him), and Tori just behind me.  

With the finish line in sight and about a quarter mile to go, Vincent really wanted to just run to the finish.  Since we were so close and I could see Nick right there, I told him to just go for it.  Tori unfortunately had enough and started walking.  I waited up for her and then grabbed her hand and told her that the finish line was right in front of us and I knew she could run it in with me.  So, we shuffled our way across the finish line.

A reporter/photographer lady was interviewing Vince at the finish.  She got some great pics of him.

Vincent is in this pic at the line, I swear.  LOL

After the race we stuck around a little bit - the kids enjoyed the cookies and pretzels, and then we headed home.  Victoria was disappointed in her performance, but she'll be ok.  Vincent was so happy and elated he said he wishes he could run a race every day!  hahaha  He was barely phased running 1 mile.  If he just ran by himself from the start he could have easily finished a lot faster, I'm sure.  I think he has some natural talent there!

As far as results go, they're not that important for a "fun" kids run, but Vincent finished in 10:36, Victoria in 10:56, and I came across the line at 10:57.  Definitely not a fast mile for me at all (I don't think I even broke much of a sweat), but definitely the most gratifying mile ever.  It was a joy to support the kids and do something like this with both of them.

I'm really proud of both of the kids and I'm glad we got to do this together!  Can't wait until next year! 

Required pic of Garrett.  I'm proud of him too.  He was so patient and good before, during and after the race!


  1. That's so cool that your kids ran and are so excited about running. I wish I had started when I was a kid.

  2. Me too! When I was Victoria's age I was into the majorette thing. A bit different of an activity there. :)