Saturday, August 3, 2013

It's STATurday Again!

This summer is flying by!  I have days where I'm glad (when the kids are driving me nuts and simply because I LOVE Fall and everything about it) and then I have days where I'm kinda sad because then it goes back to crazy schedules and missing my babies and dealing with teacher drama, friend drama, etc.  Oh well!

Here are my Stats for week 4!

Since Week 3:
Weight:   -.6 lbs
Chest:   no change
Waist:  -.25"
Arm:   no change
Thigh:   -.25"
Body Fat:  -.3%

From the beginning of my journey into Focus T25:
Weight:   -3.3 lbs
Chest:  -1"
Waist:   -.5"
Arm:  +.5"
Thigh:   -.5"
Body Fat:  -1.8%

I am thrilled to see some change in my waist this week!  All week I've been really focusing on using my core for everything.  Even running!

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