Sunday, August 25, 2013

Last Week of Summer Vacation Workout Review!

Well it was fun, but now it is done.  As of tomorrow morning, it's unofficially Fall in our household when the kids go through the doors of the local Academy.  It's bittersweet, of course - they're off for a new adventure, growing and learning all the time, but all the same, the years fly by so fast... This year I have a 3rd grader, a 2nd grader, and a 4 year old Pre-K kid (he won't really be 4 until September, but he squeaked by the cutoff date)!  I refuse to feel old!  :)

Speaking of which, here's what I've been doing to keep this ol' body moving since my Monday morning workout!

Tuesday:  I started my morning off right with just over 6 easy as pie miles on a beautiful morning.  Afterwards, I did Core Cardio and worked up a great sweat.  Good times!  I felt great after working out.  Then, over the course of the day, I had this slight niggle in the left knee that turned into a real PITA.  It wasn't even in the knee, but in the "space" you can see between your inner knee and the calf muscle area?  It felt like something was pulled, crunched, or simply tweaked WAY wrong.  I spent most of the night all wrapped up, icing, and taking ibuprofen.  Even stretching seemed to aggravate it more than help it.

Wednesday:  I was up for a 40 minute tempo run, which my husband tried to talk me out of after I'd spent the whole night prior bitching about my knee.  It felt "ok"... not great, not normal, but ok, so I headed out.  Even in my head I said if I just needed to make it a 40 minute easy run, that would be ok.  Well, my knee did bother me through the first part of the run, but it wasn't agonizing, didn't really affect my stride, and went away for the most part about halfway through.  It was actually a pretty decent tempo run!  T25 this day called for Rip'T Circuit, which I knew was a pretty light workout, so I went for it when I got back.  I used heavier weights again and felt pretty good.  My knee bothered me off and on the rest of the day, but seemed to be getting better.

Thursday:  The plan called for a 5 mile easy run.  I told myself I was going to keep it slow as to not tweak my knee anymore.  To my surprise, my knee felt much better and my "easy" pace ended up being a little faster than I intended in the first place!

When I got home, I got right to Upper Focus - again, with heavier weights.  It was a good workout!  Since this is typically my gym weights day, I figured I'd go easy on the upper body weights when I got there and focus on the lower.  I ended up doing a couple more sets of certain things (especially the calf extension with felt AWESOME on my "bad" knee), and worked in a few different exercises than I normally do.

Friday:  A rest day from running, but not from T25!  Today's schedule called for Rip'T Circuit followed by Speed 2.0.  I admittedly kinda liked Rip'T this time around... maybe it is growing on me.  I used my heavy weights for the entire workout instead of switching up throughout and I think I got a lot more out of it.  Speed 2.0 is just loads of fun and a fantastic calorie burner.  I love it.

Later that evening, we took the kids out to North Park for a short walk/scooter around the lake loop.  Which is still crowded, btw.  So, I had some more exercise there too!  lol

Saturday:  Glorious rest day!  Well, kinda.  I spent most of the day in the van driving back and forth to Cleveland (don't ask), and then on the way home we got a call from my Uncle saying that my cousin was in town for the Steelers game and her car blew up in the parking garage.  So, they needed help navigating the city, picking up personal items, finding a hotel, etc.  Of course this had to be a game that went into overtime as well, so it was a really really late night.  Oof.  And yes, the Steelers lost, to top it all off.

Sunday:  I wasn't too sure of myself going into this run.  I'd just had a stressful day followed by a late night before and I wasn't feeling real well emotionally or physically.  My knee felt fine, but my legs felt tight, tired, and like lead.  The first 3-4 miles were a bit of a chore.  My slowest mile (mile 2) was when I went over the Fort Pitt Bridge over to Point State Park - it felt like Mount Everest to me!  I've never huffed and puffed over that thing like I did this morning!  I ran over to the Jail Trail and finally started feeling better.  By the time mile 5 hit, I was in the zone and feeling great.  I tried a Honey Stinger gel (vanilla) for the first time.  It tasted really freaking good, but I don't know that it gave me the "kick" I get off other gels.  I'd give it another go, though.  I felt really great on the way back home, aside from having that weird Mile 6-7 tightness crap I deal with on a lot of runs.  Lots of friendly runners and walkers out and about this morning, too, which always makes me feel better on a run.  I did feel bad for the lady who, immediately after saying hi to me, about faceplanted into the ground.  I stopped and turned around to ask if she was ok because I heard her fall, but she jumped right up and dashed on forward, so I'm guessing she's a rock star and is just fine.  At least I hope so!  I got home safe and sound and feeling great (my knee didn't bother me AT ALL, aside from what I believe was a phantom twinge as I was going over the bridge) after completing 10.1 miles in 1:28.  I'm thrilled that this run went from being potentially awful to wonderful!

I did my Stretch with Shaun T when I got home and chugged some water.  ;)

This was a pretty good week.  I hate it when twinges and potential injuries are lurking about, but I feel pretty confident that I just tweaked some soft tissue in there doing twisting lunges during T25 (they were the only things that bothered me all week during the workouts, so I'm guessing they were the culprit).  I'll be more careful about them in the future.  I still nailed my tempo run and my long run!  My gym day was pretty productive and I've got some new tricks up my sleeve.  I *might* be starting to warm up to Rip'T Circuit, but we'll see.  Overall this week I ran 26.31 miles.  I love seeing that number inch closer to 30 again.  Next week is a bit of a lighter week because I'm racing a 5K on Saturday.  I'll get back up there, though!

Nutritionally, this week has had its highs and lows... but not too low.  I ate out twice, but thankfully kept to the healthier options on the menu - you know, like asking the server to bring the "sweet potato toppings" out on the side instead of drowning an otherwise healthy food item in junk.  I was honestly disgusted when she brought me like a 1/4 stick of butter and 1/8 cup of brown sugar.  I just used a smidgen (probably less than a teaspoon) of the butter.  I couldn't fathom eating all that.  I also had my catfish grilled instead of fried!  Small steps make a big difference!  I did have a few bites of a Wendy's Frosty and a swig of a Slurpee, but I think the Slurpee was sugar free.  And... I confess that I was planning on eating some Potato Patch fries at Kennywood this evening while we were there, but Vincent started throwing one of his wicked fits so we ended up leaving early.  Bummer.

Well, that's my week in a not so tiny nutshell.  I hope yours went great!

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  1. Sounds like a great, busy week!

    Fort Pitt always makes me tired too!