Saturday, August 24, 2013

T25 STATurday - Beta Week 2

Real quick update since it is late!

Since Beta Week 1:
Weight:   no change
Chest:   -.5"
Waist:   -.5"
Arm:   no change
Thigh:   +.25"
Body Fat:   +.2%

Since the start of Focus T25 7 weeks ago:
Weight:   -5.1 lbs
Chest:   -2"
Waist:   -1"
Arm:   +5"
Thigh:   -.25"
Body Fat:   -1.9%

I'm loving the changes I'm seeing in both numbers AND in my body!  I am much stronger than I've ever been.  I was telling Nick the other day that never would I have thought that I could do pushup after pushup and make my chest/face go the whole way to the floor.  Changes here and there make a big difference in the long haul!

Long run tomorrow - 10 miles (and easy ones, I hope)!

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